Sunday, February 27, 2011


Oh, you all know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, do a Google search and save me the time of explaining…..and while you’re at it crawl out from under that rock!
And stop blushing, or thinking “ewwww”. It’s not taboo to talk about. In fact, people should talk more about them and their importance during pregnancy.
The thing is, I was told to do them, I read that you should do them….and guess what, I did. But apparently not enough.
I know this because 1.) I pee a little when run and 2.) I pee a little when I sneeze.
Case in point: The other day Troy and I were taking a little cross-country road trip to Kansas. We stopped for a quick restroom break. I stepped out of our cozy warm car into Holycrapit’scoldouthere weather. Knowing of my “condition” I walked slowly to the restroom. Once done I buy a bottle of water and head back out to the car. Only this time I jog/sprint to the car…….but it only takes a couple of steps before I realize this wasn’t’ the best decision. C’MON!!!!! There shouldn’t be anything left in there! Errrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
But I digress.

Just hoping I can help out any of you out there that haven’t had trouble controlling your bodily functions since the age of 2. One word. Kegels. And lots of them.

And if you don't believe see what Mayo Clinic has to say about them here and what the American Pregnancy Association says here

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bath Time - Few and Far Between

Here's the deal. She's a baby. And right now she doesn't really do much.
Now hear me out. She gets a couple baths a week on average. I just feel so bad stripping her down naked when it's this cold. Granted, we have paid our heating bill and I could crank the heat up, but why not just push the bath to "tomorrow" instead?
I've gotta be honest, I hate showering, as does Troy. In fact it's not unusual for us, during a normal work week to shower on Friday morning and then not again until Monday morning. Obviously this does not apply if we actually start smelling.

So its only natural that our daughter (much to my own mother's dismay) follow in our footsteps. :)

The truth is though the time immediately following bath time, when she cuddles up next to me in her hooded towel and smells of baby wash is one of my absolute favorites. Perhaps an incentive for more baths....

This photo was taken during Charlotte's first real bath after her cord had fallen off.

January 27th, 2011.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lullaby Reworked...Not for the Better

The other day we were having some Mom/Charlotte time. With a full belly and a clean diaper she was perfectly content just laying in my arms. It's so easy to just get lost looking at her I sometimes have to remind myself to engage her, to talk to her, etc.
It’s weird how things just happen when you become a parent. For example in that moment it felt right to sing. Without thinking I started singing the first song that came to my mind:

“Hush little baby don’t say a word
Mommy’s gonna buy you a Mockingbird
If that Mocking bird don’t sing
Mommy’s gonna buy you a diamond ring
If that diamond ring don’t shine”

(Crap. I have no idea what comes next….hmmm….improvise…just keep the song rolling)

“Mommy’s gonna buy you a bottle of wine” (No! No! No! Terrible!! Child Services would NOT approve)

(Okay, regroup, get back in the game Deidra!)

“If that bottle of wine goes flat
Mommy’s gonna buy you a smelly ‘ole cat”

And, that’s it. That’s where we stopped. Not because I had gently lulled my baby girl to sleep, but because I feared where the song may go. I think you can see why. So instead we read a book.

Since then I have looked up the lyrics and for those curious, the next line was….drum roll please:

And if that diamond ring turns brass
Mommy’s gonna buy you a looking glass

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Not So Gloomy Gray

We decided to redo our living room recently.
To begin with we started with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. We searched everywhere for a grey that wasn’t too blue, or too purple, or too brown. Finally we found Benjamin Moore’s Storm. (Actually Troy found it. I had picked out a lighter version fearing that the dark color would make our small room seem even smaller.)
Unfortunately I didn’t take any “before” pics, but here’s the “after”. The trim is still an off white color because that’s a bigger project than we were willing to take on. Our place is all open so if we repainted the trim we would have to repaint the ceiling in the whole place. And now that I’m not pregnant I can’t even talk the Mister into doing it for me. Hmphh.

I LOVE this color. For so long now it seems that we’ve lived in a beige world. Beige furniture, beige walls, beige dogs…..well no more! We moving up to a more trendy color….gray!

Now for the accent color…..any suggestions? Right now we’re thinking orange, eggplant or maybe a midnight blue.

(Please disregard the awful picture....just trying to show the wall color)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Plant

Once upon a time boy met girl.
Boy and girl fell in love.
Boy buys girl (who does NOT have a green thumb) a plant, but has an ulterior motive.

“The Plant” you see was to test my ability to keep something alive….plants, dogs, kids, etc.

If you ask Troy he’ll deny ever having said this, but seriously, why would I make this up?

So the plant, along with our relationship evolved.
It has been through a lot – some highlights:

-Because I don’t have a green thumb and manage to kill everything this plant had to adapt to my “style” of care. This entailed being watered only once per month on average and only replanted once in ten years.
-Countless dog tail swipes to the point of being knocked completely parallel to the floor
-Being cut in half. No, not a typo. All the leaves from the bottom of the plant had died causing it to be extremely top-heavy. Solution? Regrow roots from mid stalk, cut in half and replant (Thanks Colleen!). The only problem with this is that this creates TWO plants. Awesome. Ugh.
-7 moves. One particularly memorable one where the plant spent 12 hours squished against the back of a moving truck.

I have to be honest. I hate this plant. As does Troy. It’s ugly.
And for a few years now, Troy has been begging me to throw it out. As a punishment to him for getting me the plant in the first place I refused.
But when we found out we were pregnant I finally gave in…..with one condition. The plant couldn’t go until the baby was home. I don’t know, just something about throwing out this “thing” that had been a part of us for so long right before this life changing event. I’m not a superstitious person, but why take the chance?

So now that Charlotte is home I bid farewell to our first “child”.

I also promise to feed Charlotte more than once per month and not put her in the back of a moving truck.