Friday, April 22, 2011

Just Another Picture

...That I'm absolutely in love with!

TRIED to set up an Easter photo shoot today but it didn't work out. I did manage to get a couple shots though sin the easter eggs.

Enjoy :)

Nursery Tour

I've been meaning to share this on the blog for some time, but like everything else these days....I'm getting around to it a little bit later than expected.

This is Charlotte's Chicago nursery. Why Chicago you ask? Because we also have her Kansas nursery....the one she actually knows as hers (weird). But next Thursday night the one below will once again be hers.

Troy and I spent so much time and energy on this room and we are extremely proud of it. I LOVE this room!! Hope you enjoy the tour.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Today we did nothing. We didn't go outside. We didn't run errands.
It was one of those rainy, wet, windy, cold, miserable days. So we stayed in.
Troy sequestered himself in the upstairs bedroom that we have converted into his office and C and I had the rest of the house. It was just the two of us with the exception of an occasional kiss on the cheek from Dad.

We slept in (until 9). We cuddled. We made rice krispie treats. We made some phone calls.
We took a nap together on the couch and played on the activity mat.
We posted a blog.
Good day. Great day. Best Day.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Quarter of a Year

Happy 3 month birthday to Miss Charlotte Jean! April 3rd was actually 12 weeks but I'm milking every last day for all it's worth so using new logic, her three month was April 9th.
We were back in Iowa spending time with Grandma Loftin and we Had some time to take a few pictures. I can't believe how fast she is growing! She smiles all the time now but I can't manage to get a picture of it. Little stinker stops smiling as soon as I get the camera out!
We"re slowly outgrowing our 0-3 month gear and phasing in the 3-6 month stuff. Luckily I have a TON of cute stuff in 3-6 so it makes the transition a smidgen easier. (Thanks to the Foster's for this adorable dress!)
Hmmm....what else?
C is doing a great job holding her head up these days. She loves to stand and do her "strength training" with Dad :) Only problem is that she never wants to sit anymore :( I swear she is going to skip crawling all together and jump right into walking....all by 4 months!
Everything else is going well. We're in KS for another 3 weeks before making our way back to Chicago. We're trying out best to take advantage of this down time. Filling it with family time, walks (Yay for good weather!!), and lots of smiles.

On a side note I'm obsessed with the 70's actions I have in PS and can't stop using them!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Confessions of a first time Mom: We Sing

I sing Bob Dylan to Charlotte and she LOVES it!! Her favorite? Suprisingly the same as mine: Forever Young. The downfall? Because of my amazing voice she’ll never have a true appreciation for Dylan. Joke. In fact, I’m guessing that in no more than 2 months once she gains greater control of her arms she’ll actually begin putting her hand in my mouth to stop me from singing because it sounds so bad.
A close second is the Bob Marley lullabye remix that we received as a gift (Thanks Ben and Beth!)
Troy on the other hand opts for the more traditional route: The Wheels on the Bus.
But Troy's bus isn't just your typical bus. No, no, this bus has lions, horses, snakes and just about anything that makes noise. Really the song has no end and Charlotte loves it.

On a side note, here's to hoping that C isn't as tone deaf as her parents.