Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding Weekend: Full Version

This past weekend was all about E.
Erika and I met in high school and we've stayed ridiculously close ever since. We've been through a ton over the years. Good and Bad (the bad mostly because she was always such a bad influence...)

It's been about 14 years since we've met. We've grown up. We no longer lie to our parents or ditch school. Our palettes no longer prefer Natural Light and neither of us claim residence in Iowa. But we do still spend hours on the phone with one another. And we still enjoy the occasional bit of gossip. We've been through a tremendous amount and although it was hard to see it at the time, we're better people because of those experiences. Through it all our friendship has only gotten stronger. Erika is still the only person that knows every single gory detail about me and she's the first person I call when I have exciting news to share because I know that she'll be just as excited as I am.

This weekend my very best friend in the world became Mrs. Erika Rose Hauser. Or at least that's what she will be once she goes through the gruelling process of changing her name. Good luck Skerik. I don't envy you one bit! :)

I had the honor of being Erika's Matron of Honor and Charlotte was an honorary flower girl. Along with the MOH territory comes a toast. And while I consider myself good with words I'm terrible when it comes to speeches or doing anything where I'm the center of attention. I turn into a blubbering fool. Not kidding. So end the end I scrapped the speech that I had written and did all I could to get through it without fainting. You'll be happy to know that I survived. Barely.

Erika - you made an absolutely stunning bride. I am so incredibly happy for the two of you and I am so thankful and honored that I was there standing next to you on Saturday. Here's to lemonade and golf carts when we're 80! I love you!

Whites did an amazing job with the flowers:






Me and C:

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Weekend Preview

Busy weekend. Happy to be Home.

Best friend married - check
12 hours of driving - check
Charlotte's first flower girl gig - check
One absolutely fantastic wedding - check

More to come...as soon as I recharge. Sleep. Ahhhhhh.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

1.) First and foremost that you worry...mostly about things that I didn't even think one could worry about before I was a parent

2.) Breastfed babies can go a long time without pooping. Twelve (yes, 12!) days is our max thus far

3.) Babies get clogged tear ducts. All you have to do is massage around the eye but until you do it looks like your baby has pink eye.

4.) Kiegals are the key to a happy and dry future

5.) DON'T try to take away the swaddle too early

6.) Miracle blankets really are a miracle

7.) Itzbeen is a waste of money - I used it alot but could have just downloaded an app to do the same thing

8.) Diaper Warmers are worth their weight in gold - at least for us

9.) Amazon Mom is amazing

10.) Don't be afraid to hurt people's feelings. C was born in the heart of cold and flu season so being a first time mom I was
constantly in fear of germs until she turned 2 months. When it's your baby you can be as crazy as you want - even asking people to use sanitizer.

11.) Aquaphor is the ultimate baby care product. We use it for everything from diaper rash to dry skin/excema to even putting it on C's cheeks when we're outside to protect from the wind.

12.) For the first couple months stick to side snap t-shirts and zip/snap up sleepers. You won't want to fight to get over babies head.

13.) If you breastfeed you'll ALWAYS wear a bra.To sleep, to work out, to eat breakfast. If you don't you'll leak. Yuck.

14.) Lastly, there's a lot of people out there that are going to tell you how to raise your child. Be willing to listen to sound advice, but remember at the end of the day parenting is all about improvisation. You'll have good days and bad and you make it up as you go

And some things that I'm glad people did tell me:

1.) Use lanolin a couple weeks before you're due. It helps.
2.) Take lots of pictures
3.) It all goes so fast
4.) Don't spend too much time being excited or looking forward to the next stages. Enjoy the stage they are in. It won't last long. And it hasn't. 4 months have flown by. (Very sound advice Grandma Susan!)

I'm sure we'll find more along the way,but this is the list for now

Friday, May 20, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Borrowing Lines, Mall Awards and Bubbles

Troy and I have been catching up on Glee episodes lately. We're new Glee-ers...we've apparently been under a rock for the last year or two. But I digress. While we were watching an episode the other day one of the characters referred to Emma, the red headed guidance councilor as a "doe-eyed-ginger". Ever since then Troy can't stop referring to Charlotte as our little doe-eyed-ginger. Here's to hoping that he forgets this with the same diligence in which he "forgets" to fold the whites when they are done drying.

This past weekend we made a family trip to the 'burbs. Ugh. Why? Well, because my best friend gets married in a little under 2 weeks and what's a wedding without new adorable shoes? And because it was windy, rainy, and cold I opted for the mall over downtown. I know, I'm a sellout. Just sign me up for the olive garden dinner club and neighborhood watch. ANYWAYS...we went shopping. While in Nordstorms a sales lady comes up to us and wants to see Charlotte. After some well deserved oooing and awwing she turns to us and says: "Can I tell you a story?" Well clearly at this point I don't think we have a choice....

The sales lady proceeds to tell us a story about how a couple had been in the store shopping with their infant and 4ish year old. Apparently the 4ish year old (that's her English, not mine) managed to grab the stroller and pull it to the ground with the infant in there. But no need to fear, the sales woman leaped over the counter, hurdled 3 clothes racks, and dove for the stroller. Nordstrom Lady saves the day. Phew!
Seriously, this isn't far off from what she actually told us. According to her this could have all been avoided if the infant had been strapped into the car seat. Maybe it could have, maybe not. I don't know, I wasn't there.
The moral of the story? She basically told us we were parents of the year because we had C strapped in. Way to go Mr. and Mrs. H! I'll take what we can get.

Ever Seen A Bubble Beard?:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Uno, Dos, Tres, QUATRO!!!!

Happy 4 Month Birthday to Miss Charlotte Jean!!!

Quite a month this has been!

- We moved back to Chicago. Amen to no more long road trips for a while!!
- I went back to work
- You went to daycare
- Introduced you to the "jumpy chair"
- Realized how cool it is that you can sit up in your Bumbo chair on your own now!
- You're beginning to realize you have hands. Reaching, swatting, grabbing
- You smile a TON. Especially when you see Mom and Dad
- You're sleeping through the night now (8 hours). I'm still not.

Gangsta' C (AKA: Mizzz C)

Dad and C:

Look how much I've changed!!! C at 1 week:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to ME!!!!!

First off, I want to say Happy Mothers Day to my Mom. I love you and am so thankful everyday for all that you do for me.

Second, thank you to the original Mrs. Haigh (Troy's Mom) for being such a great Mother-In-Law. Happy Mother's Day - we love you!

Today was such a fantastic day. Charlotte woke up at her usual 6:15. We ate and then cuddled up on the couch and fell back asleep for a bit. We awoke to Dad coming home with a bag full of groceries for "breakfast".
The day before we were at the grocery store and T asked if there was anything special I wanted for Mother's day. My response? Biscuits and Gravy and cinnamon roles of course.
Now please keep in mind that my husband does nothing half ass. So we had homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade buttermilk biscuits and homemade gravy. A-MAZ-ING. And well worth the wait. I think we finally ate around 1:00....thanks Mr. Haigh!

While breakfast was being prepared C and I strapped on the bjorn and took the boys for a long walk. Beautiful day!

After lunch (formerly known as breakfast) we made a trip down to the AT&T store to get me a new phone. I dropped mine one too many times and suffice it to say it was on it's last..err...ring? It sounded like a dying cat when it vibrated. RIP original Iphone. You've been good to me.

The mister made me dinner and we all cuddled on the couch to end the day. Charlotte and Troy got me dark chocolates (I'm addicted) and....wait for it....scuba lessons!!!!! Hmmm, maybe a trip to warmer climates in our future? The boys got me a card and gummy bears. They know me so well. :)

Lastly, when we picked C up from daycare on Friday they had made Mother's Day gifts. Picture Below. Probably the cutest hand print in the world, or at least this Mama thinks so :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fan Envy

Charlotte is obsessed with ceiling fans. Maybe it’s because she spends 80% of her day in either her dad or I’s arms ( I know, but when she’s this cute it’s hard to put her down!!) looking straight up, or maybe it’s because she knows something we don't. Either way, I'm ashamed to admit I'm a bit jealous of the ceiling fans around here.

Although I'll never know exactly what is so intriguing about them I've put together some potential thoughts:

- wow, mom really needs to clean those fan blades
- why does this one have 5, but the one in the other room has 4 blades?
- why is that thing in the middle of my ceiling?
- Hmmmm.....I hope that thing doesn't fall on me...better keep an eye on it
- Did I seriously go through all of that crap in the hospital to look at this?
- Why do these things keep following me??

Taken around Easter but hadn't found time to edit:

And in B&W:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tears, Fears and Work...Oh My

This was the week.
My first week back to work.
Charlotte's first week at daycare. (Gulp)

I had been dreading this day for a long time. 16 weeks to be exact.
Knowing I would have a hard time with this I tried my best to ease us both into our new normal. First off we started on Tuesday because lets be honest, Mondays suck enough as is. No need to add this to the mix. I also only worked half days for the first week.

Tuesday morning Troy and I drug ourselves out of bed, got ourselves ready, walked and fed the dogs and found a new wedge of time in our morning routine to feed, dress and a bit of playtime with Charlotte. Mama needed a bunch of extra love to get through the day.

This was of course a family affair so we made our way over to the daycare. We filled out the last of our paperwork and then went to take her up to her room. They showed us the crib that was hers and the dresser where we could put all of her stuff.....stuff that we had apparently rushed out of the house without so T had to run home to get the diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc. Woops. Congratulations, you win the parents of the year award.

Once she was settled we gave her lots of kisses and hugs...and then did this same thing roughly 15 times before we could actually walk out the door.

There were tears, I won't lie. My husband is kind of a sissy. Ok, ok, so maybe it was me. But really, what did you expect?

Needless to say, we all made it through the day no worse for wear. In fact, I think C is really going to enjoy daycare. She's been so tuckered out this week when she gets home! There are 8 kids in her room and 4 of them are within a few weeks of Charlotte so she'll have lots of new friends.

So while I don't envision the drop off getting any easier I will tell you that after a day (or half day) of work nothing beats picking her up and seeing her smile when she sees me.

Charlotte and Mom - First week at daycare/back to work

Sunday, May 1, 2011


You're familiar with Mad Libs, Mad Love, Mad Men, Mad Money...maybe even the Mad Hatter.
But have you heard of Mad Hour?
Well my friends, this is the hour each evening that our daughter, sweet, Innocent little Charlotte Jean decides that nothing in the world will make her happy. Generally beginning around 8:4 she screams. She cries. We hold her, and comfort her. We try the swing, we try the swaddle. We try food and a new diaper but nothing helps.
The firsts few times this happened we frantically passed her back and forth between the two of us wondering what could possibly be so bad to cause this kind of reatcion, but now we just roll with it.
Perhaps a minor form of colic? Who knows.
But I'm thinking this is a pretty healthy way to deal with my own frustrations. Pick a time each day and scream, or vent. An hour seems a bit excessive (which is what T tries to no avail to explain to C) so maybe my version can be 5 minutes. I mean think about it: 5 minutes each day to get out all your frustrations? Charlotte may be on to something here....

Here's a pic taken on my phone of last nights "Mad Hour".