Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love This Kid

Woke up this morning to the sound of baby talk coming through the monitor.
When I peeked around the corner into her room I found a wide eyed little girl with the biggest smile in the world looking back at me.
This morning was a good morning. Some aren't.
After eating a quick diaper change was in order. While I was grabbing her something to wear she laid on her changing table perfectly content.
Clad in her PJs. Sleep sack tucked underneath. Soft light. Full belly. Slight smell of baby shampoo from yesterday's bath.

An absolute perfect moment. One that I want to hold onto forever.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mini Foodie

Long before C was born we decided to make her baby food instead of buying it. For us the idea of knowing exactly what was in Charlotte's food was important. In addition, anyone who knows Troy or myself will know that we love to cook and spend time in the kitchen so for us this was just a no-brainer. Plus a really good excuse to buy that food processor we'd been eyeing!

After a good deal of research we opted for C's first food to be sweet potato. We pureed our first batch up this past weekend. We were stoked. Charlotte was underwhelmed to say the least. You can see her post earlier this week. But over the last few days she's really starting to like them.
Following the four day rule we held off to make sure she did ok with the potatoes (no allergies, etc) before we started something else new.
Today marks Day 5 and I'm sure y'all are sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation wanting to know what C's next culinary adventure will be.
Drum roll please.....A to the V to the OCADO (yeah, I know, that doesn't really work here)
Yup, we went the guacamole route. Minus the lime, garlic, onion, tomato and jalapeno. One step at a time.
Avocado was a winner.
Next up? Fruit? Another Veggie? Plastic rings? Stay tuned.

We're well on our road to creating a little foodie :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Charlotte's Web: The Un-Sweet Po.Ta.To

So my 'Rents today decided that because I'm such a stellar eater that we should keep the momentum going. Seriously people, I just spent 6 months on milk - I'm being nice about the cereal just so that I can sit at the table with my boyfriends Gabriel and Liam at daycare. Up until now I've been an outcast, made to retire to the toy pit when everyone else is eating. Talk about social suicide.
But alas, I've joined the ranks of my peers and I'm now giving that Evelyn girl a run for her money. Table for FOUR please.

Back to this momentum bit. On Saturday we're all sitting around looking at well, Me when Mum (feeling British) and Dad start getting really excited and start getting a bunch of kitchen gear out. Before I know it I'm chillaxin in my Bumbo when I see a spoon comin' my'a way. Being the dutiful daughter that I am I open my mouth fully expecting a mouthful of chalky white grainy gunk when instead I get some orange crap. Bleh!

Apparently, I made myself clear (psshhhh. Who needs words?) because it was followed up with a couple bites of cereal. Then BAM! Emeril Style. They just up and tricked me and snuck another spoonful of orange crap in. When I'm 30 and still living at home they'll wonder where I got my trust issues.

Sweet Potato? Try "Un-Sweet" potato. There is nothing sweet about it. Terrible name. Terrible taste. Where's my milk?

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Grandmas. Aren't they the best? No, really, think back.

I remember......

Alf Sleeping Bags
Dying easter eggs
Horrible school clothes as "presents"
Staying up late
Eggo waffles with sugar free syrup
Chicken and Noodles
Dill toast
Lilac bushes
Horse races
Nebraska Football
Rooftop gardens
Road trips

Just to mention a few.

Charlotte is blessed to have the two best grandmas in the world.

Last year after we found out we were pregnant with Baby H Troy's Mom (aka Grandma Susan) came to visit us in Chicago. She had decided that she wanted to try to make Charlotte (at the time Baby H) a quilt so we paid a visit to our neiborhood quiltory (?). We picked out the fabric and the pattern and Grandma Susan headed back to KS with a new project.
Shortly after we had Charlotte we found ourselves back in KS and we were fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time with the rest of the Haigh family. In turn, we were able to use the new quilt during those initial months that were so cold.
It's the perfect size and it has become our favorite cuddle blanket and tummy time blanket.
It turns out that Grandma Susan is quite the quilter too! In the few months that we were in KS she managed to make 6 (SIX!!!) more for the other grandkids. Check some of them out here on my sister in law's blog

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Blingday Day to Me!!!

Although my birthday isn't until Tuesday we celebrated over the weekend. Mom came up to help with the celebrations. What do the Haigh's do to celebrate the big 3-0 you ask? We start the day off with presents and coffee on the patio and we end it with a sangria throw down, Bobby Flay style.
We're not big into presents around here. Instead we prefer to put our money toward vacations, that super trendy restaurant we've been wanting to try, the Broadway show that's passing though, etc. So when Mom and Troy showed up with bags (yup - plural) I was shocked. Mom got me a total day of relaxation complete with a massage, a pedicure and all sorts of lotions and body scrubs AND a new pair of Rainbow flips (Troy won't let me wear my 6 year old ones may be because the sole is coming apart) Thanks Mama Loftin!!!

("Oh. My. God. You're not gonna believe what this card says....")

My gift from Troy was shiny, came as a pair, and was in a very small box. Nope, not brass knuckles. But something almost as exciting......diamond earrings. They are absolutely beautiful. AND, he picked them out all on his own. Thank you to the most wonderful, intelligent, caring, husband in the world. To spend another year of my life with you is gift enough....but I'll keep the earrings to remind me of this on those days that you're being an especially big pain in my ass.

As a side note Troy says I'm hard to shop for. I disagree. But, if being hard to shop for nets me these kind of results I'll keep ideas to myself in the future! :)

Lastly, Charlotte got me a ring. Apparently Charlotte (Troy) had been planning to do this for a while, but we had to wait until C was big enough to actually help us out. It's a ring that will have Charlotte's finger print in it. So cool!! We have to do her finger molds and ship 'em off and then wait, and wait, and wait a bit longer. But THEN I'll have it. Pictures to follow in approximately 4-6 weeks.

We had a group of friends over and those who wanted to participate brought their own batch of home made sangria. We drank, we ate, we played bags. It was a great evening with great friends. And what's a birthday without cake? Troy made me a homemade carrot cake - my favorite. Thank you everyone who helped me celebrate. Here's to my 30's!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

0.5 - And More Milestones

On Saturday C turned six months old!! Wow.
A lot of big stuff happens when you turn 6 months at the Haigh house.
For one, you get your first taste of cereal. We thought about starting off with Fruit Loops but opted instead for the 'ole rice cereal. We still don't have a high chair (who knew 6 months would sneak up on so fast?!) so Charlotte enjoyed her cereal on the kitchen counter in her Bumbo chair. Man that thing's awesome. Thank you Mrs. Wood for recommending it :) C did great. I think she actually ended up with more on her bib and chin than actually in her belly but...ehh...we'll get the hang of it.

Secondly, you lose the swaddle. Yep, that's right, judge all you want, but we were still swaddling her. We were still using the miracle blanket and she'd been sleeping with both arms out but we just hadn't taken that last step. More by accident than by planning, the Mister had thrown in a load of baby clothes and with it the miracle blanket. When we went to put her to sleep we realized it was still in the wash. Soooo......we figured why not? Again, she did great. A bit fussy right at first, but we gave her about 5 mins of fussing and then she fell asleep on her own. Woke up once in the middle of the night, Troy binkied (yep, that's a verb now) her and she fell back asleep. Yay!

Third, you get to take a trip down to the meat and fish market. Ok, so maybe this isn't really a 6 month thing, but that's what we did Saturday morning. There's a ton of great places down in Fulton Market where all the restaurants get all of their fresh seafood and meat so once in a while we take a trip down there and stock up.

Fourth - and maybe the best of all, you get to watch TV. You see, we have a strict "No TV" rule for Charlotte, atleat until she's older. Older is NOT 6 months by the way. But Saturday night we went to Movies in the Park at a park about a half mile from us. Grease was playing. I forgot how much I love that movie! We took some toys for C, but decided that Park movies could be an exception to the rule. The funny thing was that she didn't even want to watch it...maybe this 'no TV' thing is reaping some benefits after all!

(Sometimes Iphone pics are the best.....sometimes they're not)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Letter to Charlotte: 6 Months

Six months. 190 Days. I can't believe how fast it has gone. Sometimes I worry that your dad and I are so caught up trying to be parents that we don't take the time to enjoy the little moments that we have with you each day. But then I remember the Saturday mornings where we all snuggle up in bed together and the afternoons on the patio. Perfect moments that lead to perfect days. Moments where nothing else in the world matters except the smile on your face. Each time I look at you my heart melts. So pure. So innocent. So beautiful. I still can't believe you are my daughter. "Daughter" - I'm still getting used to saying that. It makes me sad to think that one day, in the not-so-distant future, that word won't feel so foreign.

You are such a content baby. You'll smile if someone looks in your direction. You love your "brothers". You're chatty. You like to put everything in your mouth. You like licking the condensation off of a glass. You love bed time stories. You have long toes. You giggle. You sit up. You like to swing. You roll over. You have no teeth. You are the highlight of my day. Everyday.

You'll realize as you get older that this is not an easy world that you have been born into. I look at you now as you sleep next to me and I think about how lucky you are that you have not yet been tainted by all that surrounds us. Although unlikely, perhaps we will have evolved past all of this by the time you are old enough to understand what is going on. I pray that you will never learn hatred and I hope that you never judge another person by the color of their skin, their religion or their station in life. Instead my wish is that you choose the much less traveled path of understanding and that you search for the good in everyone; regardless of their differences.

You are an amazing little girl Charlotte Jean. This is your life my love. Whatever you choose to do with it never settle for less than what you deserve: greatness.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July - BOOM!

Happy first Fourth of July Charlotte Jean!
One day you will realize how important this day is and that it is about more than just grilling out and Mom and Dad getting the day off, but until then we'll focus on the fireworks!

We packed up a picnic Monday night and headed to the lake. We settled for a spot where we suspected we would be able to see not only the Navy Pier fireworks but also the shows up north. C was in an awesome mood even though it was right in the middle of bedtime routine. We enjoyed our picnic and people watched. We took along a few toys for C, but she couldn't have cared less. She was all about the people and just enjoying the fresh air.

And then the fireworks started. She absolutely loved them, however keeping her focused was a bit of a problem. It seems that the city of Chicago does not cater to 6 month olds that lose interest in a nano second. Once one would go off she would look away and want to play with us. Then we'd have to refocus her attention on the empty sky again. I'm sure she was thinking something along the lines of ("What the heck? It's an empty sky. I saw it already.")

Had a chance to take some pics in the afternoon before we went swimming. Enjoy!
(Thanks for the cute outfit Grandma Loftin!)

(haha! "What the heck is this crap that you're making me sit on?")

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Charlotte's Web: Pool Par-tay

So this weekend my totally awesome mom told me she was headed out to buy me a pool. She was so excited about this that I didn't have the heart to break it to her that I had absolutely no friggin clue what a pool was.
I played along. I smiled and giggled and acted the part. The lady will do anything for a good smile. Don't even get me started on Dad.
An hour later she brings home this little cardboard box that I couldn't even stick two sets of my plastic keys into. What the heck? Why is that so exciting?
But THEN like magic, she pulls this flat piece of plastic out that she breathes in and makes it 100 times bigger (side note: her face got really red....I was getting worried, but I thought it was from pure excitement so I let her be)
Then I decided to take a nap.
When I woke up Mom, Dad and I went out in the backyard. And there in the middle of the yard was a giant bathtub! I'm not really sure why we needed a new one seeing that the old one worked just fine. And the normal tub always comes filled with cozy warm water. Not this one. The damn water was still chilly even after it sat in the sun for 2 hours.
Lucky for me I'm half cold-blooded so I didn't mind. I even liked it I guess.....especially because baths outside mean that I get to check out the birds, and grass instead of the toaster. Talk about an introvert...

Check out my feet - they look like raisins:

Oh, and Mom snapped a picture of my sweet cow-lick (Thanks Mom and Dad):

Friday, July 1, 2011

Milestone: Rolling and Sitting

Geeez. This week flew by!
I couldn't seem to find any time to update y'all. So here goes....

The little Miss is doing what I'm calling prompted roll overs. Usually I can bait her with toys or myself, but sometimes she'll lay on her belly perfectly content for the longest time. This has been going on for a few weeks now. Eh. I'm not concerned. There's no 20 year olds out there that can't roll over. She'll do it when she realizes she can use it to her advantage.

Sorry for the bad videography. My skills are severly lacking. I'd also like to apologize for the super annoying voice on the video. It's a wonder C isn't crying all the time if that's how I about nails on a chalkboard!

Ms. C is also sittin' pretty these days. Just new this week in fact. On Monday she could sit for a matter of seconds before toppling over. By Wednesday evening she had it DOWN (up?). Talk about a learning curve!!

Pssst - did you catch Brinker in the background? He's been in seventh heaven since we brought Charlotte home because of the amount of time we spend on the floor playing these days.