Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Week

It's been a good week.
Charlotte and I braved a solo flight at the beginning of the week while Troy stayed in KS spending a few extra days with his Mom. No meltdowns and we had the nicest, most understanding (read: didn't scowl when Charlotte offered to share her half soggy animal cracker) man sitting next to us. I'm calling it a win.
Troy is home so we are playing "house". Sitting down to dinner together, taking turns picking C up, cooking dinner...oh how I love taking the time to cook a proper dinner.

And bath time. So often we rush through bath time. More of an afterthought: "why do you have yogurt in your ear.....and between your toes? Bath time". But this night we took a bath just because. And the we snuggled afterwards.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Card

Seeing that this blog was started with no other reason but that I'm too lazy to fill out a baby book (sorry Mom), I thought it appropriate to share our first holiday card. If you didn't get one, don't take it was just that I consider you savvy enough to print it off the blog (go on, show me your mad tech skills). Ok, really it's because I sent out only a handful. Not necessarily in any hierarchy of importantness(?), but just to those addresses I knew by heart. Ourselves; Check. Grandparents; Check. White House; Check.

And why a tush you ask? Because. Because we're not really normal. Because I want to embarrass my daughter at her high school graduation. Because none of the Christmas pictures that I took turned out (true). Because it makes people smile.

Happy Holidays from the Haighs!

A Very Merry Christmas

As I sit here staring at my computer tonight, I find myself at a loss. It's hard to put into words exactly how very grateful we are for this year. And I find myself feeling blessed with much more than we deserve.

We celebrated our first Christmas with Charlotte back in Kansas. And while as her parents we kept her gifts to a minimum (an abacus - because we're nerds, and another shape sorting/stacking toy) little does she know that if there was a chance that it wouldn't turn her into a perfect specimen of the "entitlement generation" we would give her the world. Don't worry though, she has a slew of family who made sure she had plenty of gifts to open....and pleny for us to bring home.

We were able to celebrate with Grandma Susan who was feeling well all things considered. Feeling so well in fact that she managed to make two batches of my favorite cookies along with a batch of Troy's beloved molasses cookies. It's not Christmas without cookies. Add in a heaping helping of nieces wearing every little ounce of excitement on their sleeves , a Christmas tree glowing in the background and a sprinkling of holiday playlist quietly setting the rhythm for opening gifts and you have a Haigh family Christmas.

I hope that everyone had a safe, happy and healthy holiday...Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good night.

Tracking Santa

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Charlotte's Web: Santa

Best. Day. Ever.

Let's start at the beginning.
Mom was running around the house getting ready for work. And although she mumbles something about "being late" a lot, I could tell this morning that what she REALLY wanted was to spend extra time with me. So to make sure this happened I was sure to be extra clingy and whiney so that she couldn't wouldn't put me down. I do my part to help out. And one of these when she's in a nursing home and I'm changing HER diapers she'll appreciate the fact that I can read her mind. Trust me.

Then, because Dada is on vacation they both took me to school today. I Love when I look super cool rolling into school with an entourage. You should see the way the other kids look at me. Shock and awe people. Shock and awe.

Then Dada showed up early to pick me up! That's right he swooped in and was all "We've got important business to take care of. We're going to visit Santa". Very State of the Union like. A quick stop by Mama's work where I showed off my new walking skills and then we headed across the street to, get this, wait in line. I played hookie from school for this? But all is well that ends well. At the front of said line there was a very nice man, albeit dressed strangely, sitting in a very fancy chair, who gave me a stuffed penguin! And even if he wouldn't let me put his beard in my mouth and grumbled something about the Cubs never winning I still sorta like him.

It really doesn't get much better than this.

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

This post is long overdue. I spend so much time talking about the three of us but in reality there are two other individuals that complete our family.

Brinker and Riley were our babies long before Miss Charlotte. And while I've made a point of showing how our lives have changed over the past year Ive neglected to focus on "the Boys".
Before Charlotte was born a number of people asked us how we thought the boys would do around the baby. In fact, some people questioned if we would even keep them. To which our answer was always a resounding "we think they'll be fine" and "Seriously?" Maybe it was poor planning on our part but we never took any of the introducing-your-dog-to-baby classes. Instead, we tried to prepare them in our own way. We went on tons of walks knowing that soon this could (and has) changed. We played YouTube clips of babies crying and left the nursery door open at all times so that they could get used to things as they changed.

And 11 months later one of the first things that people still ask (and always with a slightly scrunched up nose as if expecting the worst) is "How do the dogs get along with her?". The truth is they did better than I think even we expected. To sum it up, Riley has a new best friend. He gets treats simply by following her around and she gets rid of her veggies. Brinker on the other hand is basically just scared of her and turns into a statue whenever she is around.

The boys have been great with everything. Bringing home baby, a four month stint in KS, countless hours in the car, me going back to work, all of it. I'm so grateful to have them around and see them adjust to the newest member of our family. My only wish is that I could add a super mom power that allowed me to maintain our pre-baby walking schedule. We'll get it back...eventually. And until then I'll remind myself how lucky we are to have such forgiving and adaptable dogs.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby Steps

No steps. As in baby taking steps.
Itty bitty unassisted, no hands steps! It's kind of amazing when you think of everything that goes into it. The balancing, the coordination, the obnoxious cheering parents.

Just last week she was getting the hang of standing on her own. I thought we would have a few weeks get used to that stage but as fate would have it she was ready to move on. Literally.
And score 10 points for the parents on this one. We were (for once) prepared and were able to video the whole thing. Check it out here.

And a little Christmas cheer!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pain in the mouth

11 months and two days....that's how long it took C's first tooth to make an appearance.
Barely peeking through the skin it's causing quite the stir.

Sister is not happy. At all.
Couple this with a weekend being sick (still not sure if the two are related), and you have a very clingy baby.
Poor kiddo.
We've got teething balls, teething rings, teething vibrate things. Even a Dada approved and picked out award winning teething giraffe named Sophie. She wants none of these. Instead she would much rather gnaw on the soft top of the baby Tylenol bottle.
Who am I to argue? I've tried those teething rings...they're a scam.

Friday, December 9, 2011

E(eeeekkkkkk!!!)leven Months - slow down!!!

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record. Hopefully it's more like a song you can't get enough of though and not a nails-on-chalkboard kinda song (like Love Shack) that makes you want to drop the record player from the 7th floor balcony.

But c'mon! Remember WAaaaay back when I posted THIS? How can this have been eleven months ago?

What's happening this month:
Signs: dog, eat, more, phone (sorta), "so big", diaper. Currently working on "hat" and "drink"
Standing alone when she wants. In other words a toy in both hands and can't hold onto anything.
Favorite things to do: push her car walker all over. Look out once she figures the walking thing out.
Read peek a boo books with lift up flaps, and play peek-a-boo.
Still breast feeding (yay!)
Talking: Mama and Dada (if this were a contest Mama would have killed it...but of course it's not)
No teeth

Big month on the horizon. First Christmas, first New Years, first (gulp) birthday.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Tonight wasn't great.
C wanted nothing to do with anything. Except being held.
Most of the time I try to oblige, but a small (very mean) part of me realizes that she can't be held ALL the time (damn you rational self). So tonight there were tears. Lots of them.
Finally she calmed down enough so that I could look at her without the eye contact starting a new wave of hysteria.
And after all that she wanted nothing but snuggles.
Best. Feeling. Ever.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Charlotte's Web: Outside In

There's some funny stuff going on around here.

For starters, there are giant socks hanging up that have stuff in them. Mama always tells me to leave my socks on my feet so what's the deal here? Hypocrite much? And how is anyone going to wear them with stuff in them? There's also one for the dogs....I don't think this is normal.

And singing. Oh man, the singing. Please make it stop. There can't possible be two people that are more tone deaf than the two that I live with. And lately the singing is non stop. Jingle Bells this, Silent Night that.....I curse the Pandora Christmas station.

And most concerning? There's a tree. In our living room. With lights.
What the heck?
And this giant lit up monstrosity is in MY play corner. That's right. My play space has been downgraded from 6 foam squares to 4. It's not like I ever actually stick to just that area, but IF I did, then 33.3333% would have just been taken away.
Demoted play spaces does not a happy baby make.

P.S. My Mom refuses to clean windows. Sorry you can't see me through all the dirt.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snack Time

The Christmas tree is up. The Christmasy candles are burning. The stockings are almost hung. Yes, almost.
These things take time...and energy. And snacks.
A good productive day of Christmas cheer is fully dependent on good snacking.

Yes. Our dog is wearing a shirt. No. It is not a cape.
He's crazy, and we do what we can to keep him sane.
Even buying gimmicky dog shirts.