Monday, April 30, 2012

It was a long week here. It's always that way.
After returning from a vacation the proceeding days back in your normal routine always drag on. Do our bodies forget what it's like? Or maybe our minds? If so, I would like to reject the ideas that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Because this 30 year old mind and body has no problem being trained in vacation mode. It has no problem sleeping in, or indulging in that extra serving of desert. None. At. All.
But man does it have a problem readjusting. I think this just means that I was made to vacation. Now, how to make this into a career...

As we stumbled through the first week, we found the our rythim over the weekend. That part is never hard. It just comes naturally. We still start the weekend out slow. Once Charlotte wakes up she gets to come cuddle in our bed for the first hour of the day. Always my favorite part of the weekend. It's our time. We went shopping at the farmers market, tasted local cheeses and homemade salsas. Basically we did a lot of nothing. Perfect.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cooking Class

While we were in New Orleans we didn't just eat...we learned how to cook food that we could eat. On a whim, we made a hail mary call on Monday and got ourselves booked into a class for Tuesday morning. I guess it was meant to be.

So after a nutritious breakfast of beignets and cafe au lait the Mister and I boarded the ferry to historic Algiers Point. Our chef was interesting. A bit scary, moved a little slow, tardy, and like any good New Orleans lifer, enjoyed his food and drink.

 Now we've taken cooking classes before, so we're not rookies, but none like this. We didn't use a single measuring device during the class. We just guessed while the chef looked over our shoulder and mumbled something like: "well umm, do you think that's enough sugar?", "do you think that's chocolatey enough?"And at the end of it all we tasted an okay crawfish etouffee, an amazing chocolate bread pudding with mocha toffee liquour sauce, and an out of this world gumbo. Seriously, amazing. So, while our chef was err, unconventional, the food was delicious.

And on the way back we took a detour through the casino to avoid the rain. I figured "When in Rome", threw $20 down on red, watched the wheel, and cashed out $40. Win.

While we were off cooking Charlotte and Oma were enjoying a rainy afternoon in the city. They hit up the Children's Museum, enjoyed shrimp po' boys and just hung out. Thank you Oma!

Good. Day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Orleans in a Nutshell

Ugh. Blogger changed their setup, so as I stumble through the ins and outs of the new setup please know that this post comes with some naughty language behind the scenes.
On to the post.

4 days, 3 nights.
It's been real.
This city was all about the food, so let's sum it up:

Surey's Juice Bar - good shrimp and grits, great Irish Cream french toast.
Cafe du Monde - beignets and cafe au lait - two words - worth it.
Stanley - bananas foster french toast - do it. 

Mr. B's Bistro - best restaurant we went to. Everything was amazing. The grits were out of this world. Bread pudding was excellent.
Acme Oyster - eh. Full disclosure we didn't have oysters, but the jambalaya wasn't great. The bread pudding was average, but the sauce was fantastic.
Gumbo Pot - surprisingly good gumbo. Touristy.
Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar - great vibe, good service. Perfect place to stop for an afternoon drink and/or snack.
Cochon - specialty drinks are worth a try, wood fired oysters are a must.
Cochon Butcher - all the meats are cured/prepared in house and you can tell. Sandwiches are wonderful, pancetta mac'n cheese is a must.

There's likely another Big Easy post still to come so stick around.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


With beaches and sand in our rear view, we're heading to the city of...well...I don't know how to some it up. Beads? Swamps? Boobs? Bead Pudding?
New Orleans is just one of those cities that nothing else compares to. It's the only city where no one will ever, EVER, judge you, likely because they are already 20 notches higher than you on the weird scale. A city that stuffs the mere thought of housing developments, straight sidewalks, and boring food deep into it's back pocket. So deep that we don't feel it when we check before throwing our pants into the wash and it comes out in a million little pieces never to be thought of again.
A city that's alive, and it's pulsing heart begs for my lolely camera to shoot a few million shots at each corner. I'll be back with more photos of that beautiful little girl that I get to call my daughter soon.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Farewell Florida

Our goal was to relax. To unwind. Rest.
To forget about all the "stuff" we spend so much time thinking/worrying/stressing about. All the stuff that when you stop and think about it, can wait. It will be there tomorrow. We spend so much energy on it, all while overlooking the small things. That, all of those small things, are what Florida was about. We rented a house with a pool that was a one minute walk to the beach. Complete solitude.
We spent mornings at the beach, afternoons sprawled out on couches taking naps. Afternoons we drifted around the pool on floaties, we ate all of our meals outside, and enjoyed a glass of wine each night.
Thank you for your fragrant orange groves, and sandy beaches.
Thank you for these beautiful memories.
Farewell Florida.
You've been a wonderful hostess.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Golden Hour

We started the day on the beach, just as the sun had made it's entrance for the day.

And we ended it much the same. Feet in the sand, a gentle breeze pushing the tide a bit higher with each go.

We waved good bye and blew kisses as it sun sunk below the water.

It's amazing to me how such an ordinary miracle takes place every day. Normally we go about our day paying it little attention, but today we stopped and celebrated the sun. We lined up on the beach, sucked every last bit of light from the day, and bid it farewell.
Sleep tight sun. We'll celebrate you again tomorrow.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beach Bunny's

Happy Easter...from Florida.

Land of beaches. And pools. Easter eggs and sand.

Where the only item on our to-do list is collecting seashells with Oma.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Ok, so maybe not. But it could have been.
I picked C up at school yesterday to find an additional paper in her folder.
An incident report.
Now these aren't new to us, we've had a few already. Bumped head, busted lip, etc. But this one made us smile. Wait for'll think we're cruel. But I promise you we're not. Only amused.

The incident report read:
While playing with puzzles, another child bit Charlotte on her left arm
Action Taken:
TLC, ice pack

Troy and I giggled on the way home trying to come up with what had happened. Had she stolen a puzzle piece from the other kid? Maybe tried to put her piece in his/her puzzle? Or maybe she didn't do anything at all. Or maybe a shark bit her.

And she has the marks to prove it. Two small itty bitty rows of teeth about an inch apart that came from another itty bitty mouth...or baby shark.