Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Write-Up

Wow it was a great weekend. One that makes it extra hard to go back to work on Monday. Fall is amazing. 

Friday afternoon Oma drove into the city just in time to join is in a fall festival at C's school. Face painting, pumpkin painting, pumpkin bowling, and trick-or-treat bag making. 

Over the weekend we found time for sewing a very special someone a cape for the upcoming holiday. We also finally got around to baking some bread: pumpkin challah. 
A lot of mother-daughter time on all fronts. And no weekend is complete without my wonderful husband. The sanity that holds this house of crazy together. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Taking the Plunge

We're doing it. Diving in head first (or feet first?) to potty training.

[Pause for dramatic effect.]

That's right. Sianara diapers. It's been real.

Last Wednesday night Charlotte, without prompting, went into the bathroom, sat down on her potty, and went. No big deal. A fluke if you will. Except that she did it again that night and then again in the morning. Clearly if we were waiting for a sign I think we can all agree it doesn't get much clearer than this. (Unless a giant paper weight were to drop on our heads via Wylee Cyote style with the words "Your daughter is ready for potty training" in place of "Acme".)
So Thursday we made a game time decision, went to Macy's for some "big girl underwear" and prepped ourselves for the next day. Friday was D - day (as in diaper-free day). Gods speed.

I don't want to jinx where we are today, so I won't say we're done. I'll just give a rundown of how things went, and how we got here - it's been a long week:

Woke up in a diaper. Cuddled with mom and dad in bed for a bit, then put on big girl underwear. We made a big deal out of it, acted like we threw away her diapers (because c'mon - who's actually going to throw away tons of unused diapers - someone can use them.), and then told her to keep them dry. The goal of the day was to rush her to the bathroom if we caught her going and to remind her to tell us if she has to go. Easier said than done. These simple tasks equate to spending the entire day akwardly staring at your childs...well, you get it. Everywhere you go, they go. And visa versa. She had a number of accidents this day (#1s), but did ask to go on her own once.

Went ok in the morning. No big accidents. We think "maybe she's getting it".
Dinner plans set weeks ago so we went. Disaster (two #2s, and a #1 accident). But dinner was great!

No real change. Asks to go on her own a few times, but the rest were us catching her in the act and rushing her to the bathroom.

Monday (so much for the 3 day plan):
Disaster. Husband going crazy.
Troy stayed home with her and she must have gone through 10 pairs of underwear.

She gets it! Wakes up dry (holycrapnowetbed!) and asks to go potty on her own throughout the day. Hallelujah

Decide to keep her home one more day to make sure Tuesday wasn't a fluke. It wasn't. Wakes up dry again and has a great day.

School. Dun, dun, duuun. It's easy to feel confident about how things are going at home, but throw in a classroom of busy screaming toddlers and teachers with divided attention and who knows what will happen. 2 or 3 accidents and a couple changes of clothes.

We picked her up in the same clothes that she left the house in this morning. The end.

So where are we today? Cautiously optimisitc. She knows when she has to go, and she knows how to communicate. We still need to work on those #2s, but all in all she's doing awesome.
And we've survived.
She wakes up dry in the mornings, and from naps. If she does need to go in the middle of the night she says "potty" and we have the monitor at full blast to hear her.

I have to say, 80% of the credit goes to Mr. H. He's basically the potty whisperer...wait that sounds bad. But you get the point. Photos in this post are also to his credit.

And for anyone who's curious we went with a 3 day potty training plan that a number of people we knew had used successfully. 3 days, no pants, LOTS of liquids, LOTS of praise, LOTS of reminders, LOTS of m&ms, LOTS of patience, and NO diapers. None. There's no turning back.

Balloons as rewards

Tattoos - one of many prizes/rewards.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkins: Hunting, Shirts, and Butter

Last Friday night my favorite man and I celebrated. We celebrated Us. We opted for sweaters over t-shirts and boots over slippers. I put on make-up and he put on a tie. We went on a date.
We held hands, and snuck bites of one anothers food.
We had dinner at Blackbird - contemporary American. Great food, fantastic service, and not a sippy cup in sight.
And then we killed the romance and went to a brewery. In hindsight a bad choice.
But we had a great time. It's nice taking the time to appreciate one another. We should do it more often.

Oma was in town for the weekend so we had some important items to cross off the fall list.
Saturday was an important day. Pumpkin hunting day. Unfortunately the place that we went decided sometime between last year and this year that they would start charging a fortune for everything. Bummer. So we picked our pumpkins from what I'm sure was the B team, and passed on amusement-park-like additions. We did take the time to sit down for apple cider, doughnuts and hot chocolate which helped with the freezing temperatures.

And Monday night I got some Oma time of my own. Sitting on the couch watching Oma's favorite show it dawned on me that I had a ripe and ready pumpkin sitting a mere 5 feet away. It was begging to be used. Oma found my recipe, I found the crockpot and a delicious pumpkin butter found it's way to our kitchen in time for breakfast. Oma was in charge of the 2am-mid-cook stir.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summer Photo Dump

A few adventures over the summer posted in the fall.

First Cubs Game - Certificate and all. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, it was rain delayed....for 5 hours. We hung in there the first 2, but by then we were just ready to go home. We went, we didn't see, we left.

A trip Navy Pier - complete with ice cream.

A visit to the Chicago Children's Museum - so much to do! Water rooms, tiny rooms, giant backyard creations, grocery store, butterflies, firetrucks, dress up, and the list goes on.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of outside time.