Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Southern Weekend

A few weeks ago I received a text from a Texas friend with an ultimatum. Either we get down there or they were coming to Chicago. Soon. 

A couple more texts, a visit to, and a quick check of calendars and we were headed to Texas. A quick impromptu weekend trip with not one thing on the agenda. 

We dropped our bags at the door, knew exactly what room was ours, and settled right in. This is our Texas home. And if feels good to be here. 

12 years later and we never run our of things to talk about. New stories and old stories, and somehow there are still stories that come out that have been buried deep. Stupid embarrassing things that only the truest of friends will comprehend. These are the people that we tell everything to. There's no judging here, and the only expectation is that you be yourself. This is the circle of trust. Our circle. 

We spent as much time as possible outside playing bags, bacci ball, watching little legs run up and down long sidewalks, refilling bubble dishes, and coloring with chalk. And when the sun said farewell we had dinners together, bath parties movie night with popcorn, bedtime stories, and moon spotting. 

Thank you to the Woods and Avelars for dropping everything to spend time with us. We had a fantastic weekend. I'm only sorry that it went so fast. 

And for a small side story. Our trip home was sort of a disaster. Troy flew straight to North Carolina so C and I flew home on our own. Our flight was delayed an hour meaning we didn't take off until after bedtime. Not a big deal...unless a certain toddler decides not to sleep and instead does everything possible to stay awaken. This includes asking to go to the bathroom mid flight. Three times. Have you been in an airplane bathroom? With more than one person? Wait, don't answer that. 

We land around 10:30pm only to fine a cab line a mile long. I wish I were kidding. We didn't have winter coats, it was 20 degrees with bitter wind. We (the giant car seat, suitcase, tote, and toddler) tried the line. We lasted 5 minutes. A quick call, while on the edge of tears, resulted in a calm husband with a solution. We walked/rolled to the attached hotel and had the concierge call a cab for us. Paid double the fare to get home, but didn't care at that point. 

Through all of this, Charlotte was amazing. She did not whine, cry, complain even once. I could not have been more proud. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Wow. Last post was three weeks ago - where did this month go? Wherever it's gone I hope it will bring back some warm spring weather and more of the lazy weekends we're currently enjoying.

Some firsts this month:
First airplane ride for Charlotte where she had her own seat. Yes, American Airlines you are now getting your money's worth from us. But joke is on you because we left smashed cheerios behind for you. Kidding, kidding. We picked them up the best we could. And the sticky hand prints on the windows....absolutely not from us.

First slumber partyish sleepover. When our friends bought their daughter her big girl bed the conversation went something like this: "We bought K her big girl bed AND we bought a trundle. So when the girls are big enough they can have sleepovers!!"That was over a year ago, but last weekend we broke in the trundle - and the girls did fantastic!

What else is going on with us? Not much. Oma is here this week so we're getting in some good quality time with her, we're anxiously awaiting spring veggies to arrive, and searching out new brunch places for new weekend traditions.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Hanging Out

Not much going on these days, and truth be told, I'm more than ok with our pace lately. There's no big projects floating around, no pressing to-dos, not too many weekends away planned.

We're finding more time for the things that really need to get done, such as movie nights and breakfasts in bed and mini-dates to stop for cookies after school. Our biggest decision lately has been where to eat Sunday brunch. Which by the way this past weekend was a bit more special because our good friend Nicole joined us. And our biggest problem has been me complaining about where our compost buckets should go....which when you think about it really isn't a problem at all.

Charlotte keeps us busy. Even if its only a day spent around the house we're busy. Busy taking care of babies (they cry a lot), cuddling babies, tucking babies in, feeding babies, reading to babies, walking the babies...well you get the point. The girliness that I lacked as a child my daughter is more  than making up. Also a lot of coloring, both left and right handed. And books. Especially princess books.

A lot of nothing going on lately.

Banana Bread

Making Bokashi