Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rolling Out the Sandy Carpet

We've arrived. With a car full of luggage and groceries.
We brought all of our stress along with us and checked it at the door tonight along with our car - which we won't use for the time we're here.

A quick unpacking, a change into shorts and swimwear, and an assortment of food thrown into a bag and we were at the beach just in time for a sunset dinner where we wished the sun good night.

Florida rolled out the red carpet treatment tonight. A gentle breeze, and steady waves welcomed us with open arms. You would have thought Charlotte had salt water coursing through her veins the way she hit it off with that ocean. Like they were long lost sisters.

Smiles all around tonight as a very tired little girl, an almost as tired Oma, and a Mister and myself settle in for the evening.

We're ready to give that beach our full attention this week.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Happenings

It's been a busy month and it's only going to get more hectic before it slows down.

Someone got a bike this month. Along with a at her request. We're still working on the balancing part, but she really likes putting on her helmet and walking around. She'll figure it out when she's ready.

We've been enjoying the nicer weather in between the rainy days. A lot of chalk, bubbles, and toy car rides.

This month also brought on change. Charlotte's teacher, Miss Rachel, moved out of state. I snapped a picture on her last day. In Ms. Rachel's words: "Charlotte is a free spirit. She's 100% comfortable with who she is"

I hope with every part of my being that as she grows up she keeps as much of that confidence as possible. I hope she stuffs it in her pockets, and in her piggy bank to borrow from when she needs. I hope she holds on to it with everything she has.

Looking forward to a busy month ahead!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


We had a low key Easter this year albeit our celebration lasted a bit longer. We started the weekend before while Oma was still here.

We went to the park for a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt (C only picks the "pretty" eggs) and a visit with the Easter bunny. After the reaction to Santa Clause last year I think Troy and I were both counting on some tears. But leave it to Charlotte to surprise us. She thought the bunny was the most fantastic thing to come around since Cinderella. In fact, 2 weeks later she's still talking about it.

The night before Easter we left a treat for the Easter bunny. Charlotte wanted to leave it on her dresser. The next morning the Easter Bunny had taken the snack and left a basket of goodies in it's place. I think Charlotte was more pissed that the bunny took the candy than she was excited to open the basket.

We did an egg hunt around the house, and afterwards made homemade doughnuts for a special breakfast.
All said and done, we had a fantastic Easter.

Oma gives the best gifts!