Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Favorite Buckeyes

Our good friends the English's drove into town Friday afternoon for a long Memorial weekend with us. These two - they make me smile. Simply put, they're fun. Low maintenance and easy to please and up for just about anything. As long as we can point Mrs. English toward a running trail and keep a beer chilled for Mr. these two are good to go. 

We took advantage of the amazing weather on Saturday and spent the afternoon at the horse tracks. We came away even, Charlotte belted "Let it Go" to an audience of strangers, held sleeping babies, and if you're me - you placed bets on horses based solely on the cleverness of their names. 

We had people over for dinner on Saturday night to make a full house. It felt good to entertain. And it felt even better to have the space to do it now. Looking forward to many more nights like this. 

Thanks for coming to visit us guys! We loved having you. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


At her request we took Charlotte to get her first non-home haircut. We took Grace to school and Troy and I went into work a bit later so we could both go along with her.

The "after" isn't much different that the "before". In fact I don't think I can tell a difference at all. It was more about the experience. She did great! And we have a certificate to prove it. And holy smokes since when does the salon stock itself with every toy on the face of the earth, put sparkles in your hair, let you pick out a movie to watch on your own t.v. and let you pick a "prize" at the end? I think we'll reconsider home hair cuts....

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Southern Celebration

Sitting here tonight feeling especially thankful for our friends. We've just spent the last 5 days laughing and reminiscing the same way we always do when we get together. It's easy. It's us.

And the kids. They're just like us. The minute we walked in Charlotte and Kate were off playing dress up and Ryan was hiding his toys from Grace. Even Bexley, the dog, doesn't get excited anymore. He's prepared by now for the days to follow full of chaos, laughing, cooking, and a whole house enveloped in a whole lot of love.

This trip was especially important. We needed to be there in person to welcome the youngest of our bunch into her 30's. Mrs. Wood - you're going to like it here. Trust me. This decade is about you...caring more about what makes you happy. About what is right for your life and less about what everyone else is doing, saying, wearing, etc. Have fun. Enjoy the stay! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day!!!

I never request anything for Mother's day, and yet Mr. Haigh always ensures that it never falls short of perfect. This morning I woke up to a dellicious breakfast of blueberry muffins, fruit, and even a mimosa. Kitchen aftermath picture below.

We spent the day together. I opened homemade mothers day gifts and soaked in my family and everything that this day represents. 

Good day. Good memories. 

And mothers day would not be complete without talking to my own mom. I can truly say that I wouldn't be the person I am today without her. Thanks Mom for everything that you do for us!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mr. Mom, Dad, Dog sitter, Chauffer, and Everything in Between

I'm back home tonight after a whirlwind week. I've spent the last 4 days in Germany for a work trip. In summation: roughly 18 hours of flying, very little sleep, a lot of great introductions, no vegetables, a couple of skype sessions, more than a few akward conversations regarding breastmilk and pumping, productive meetings, good dinner conversations, and a whole lot of time spent missing 3 special people and a dog back home. I didn't take my camera along because conference rooms aren't that interesting. The trip was great and the welcome I received once back home was one I'll remember. Troy did an amazing job. No surprise there. But I can't help but be incredibly grateful for such an amazing husband, friend, and father to our girls.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Outside Time

We've been spending loads of time outside lately. The warm weather and list of to-do's around the house has a way of pulling us out. Charlotte and Grace are soaking up the vitamin D right along with us.

Our pack and play has adopted a semi-perminant home in our garage so that sweet little baby girls who crawl at the speed of light and manage to put everything in their mouths can be contained.

The Mister is setting up shop (literally) in the garage as well. He's been spending time building a new workbench. I can only assume that a perfect workbench means that he's looking forward to all the projects I'll be sending his way.

Me, I find a bit of peace in the smaller tasks. Watering, weed pulling, unpacking remaining boxes, and loading up dinner trays to be carried outside so that we can soak up the last bits of sunlight sitting down to enjoy one another's company.