Sunday, August 31, 2014

Farm Rule

When you don't have a swim suit you wear your birthday suit.

I didn't think to pack swim suits for our trip back to Iowa this weekend, so when we got out the splash pad Charlotte was terribly disappointed that she couldn't go. I suggested she just go without and her eyes widened as she realized what I was saying. The yard looked like someone had gone streaking. Underwear here, a skirt over there, shoes thrown about....a trail from the back door to the pool.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Little Man

Oh man, I am so in love. You see, my best friend just welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this big wide world. And my job for an entire day was snuggling him. (Okay, so I was really supposed to be helping out: cooking, dishes, laundry, but because babies are old hat for these two they wouldn't actually let me do anything!) He's perfect. Sure, his diaper changes are a bit more...involved...than our sweet girls. And he looks at me with a "who the heck are you scowl" but he'll learn. I'm the one that will spoil him. The one that when he's 14 and being a little, well trouble maker his parents ship him off to my house for a break and I'll give him a bit of redirection and explain that everything, EVERYTHING his parents are doing is because they love him and only ever wish the absolute best for him. Except for making him a Vikings fan - that was done to show that even Mamas make bad choices at times.

I love him to pieces already. And he has been blessed with one incredible family. Including a big sister who I have no doubt will keep him in his place.

Welcome to this world baby boy Hauser. You've already got an army of people surrounding you with love!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Steps

No Really! Baby steps....lots of them!
We've got a mover. Just like all first in parenting, you're never ready for them. I can't believe she's already walking.

Ok, technically she took steps about a week before this...or at least that is Troy's story...but as agreed between us, until we both see it, it hasn't happened. What? That's normal right?

Charlotte switched swim classes this week and tonight was her first class at her new school. As we sat there watching her, Grace stood up, looked around and then took a step. Then another. Wobbled a bit, then another. She took EIGHT. Something (besides Troy) tells me she's been practicing outside of our view, but we're putting this down on the record. Walking. Done.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


When I was younger I was on a bowling league. I had my own ball. It was red and sparkly with an engraved kitty cat opposite the finger holes. I also had a terribly mismatched purple and teal bowling ball bag. I was cool. No one would argue that.

I have a special place in my heart for ten pins, a ball and stylish bowling shoes. So when our good friends Nicole and Paul asked us to join them in the city for a morning of brunch and bowling I immediately said yes. We took brunch to their place, relaxed for a  bit, and then made our way to 'the lanes'. That's what the cool kids call the bowling alley.

Charlotte was psyched until it came to the shoes. First of all she was very concerned that the nice shoe keeper wasn't going return her sparkly sandals. But even worse, the bowling shoes she received didn't match her dress. GASP! She came around pretty quick when I explained the need for the special shoes and once everyone wore the same. She did however continue to ask if she would be getting her shoes back when we were done. Note to self: brown bowling shoes are not on Charlotte's wish list.

We had a fantastic time. They had a whole set up for Charlotte with bumpers that come up in the gutters only when it's her turn, and a fancy dinosaur rolling ramp. Pretty awesome compared to what was around when we were kids...and much more efficient than the 'ole granny role. Grace hung out playing musical arms while we each took turns.

Paul won...and he even managed not to laugh at the rest of us as we pretended to be real bowlers...even Troy had a fancy spin move....complete with a leg elevated. Fancy I tell you.

And icing on the cake? They had a photo booth. Perfect.

Such a great idea! Thank you guys!

Monday, August 11, 2014

State Fair - Part II

My favorite moment caught from this year's fair. A silly conversation caught under the tent while we were taking a break.

I'm already looking forward to next year. Rumor has it Grace has her eyes set on the Big Slide....and maybe some Nitro ice cream.
Good stuff.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

State Fair - Part 1

We delayed our trip a few hours so that Charlotte could attend a birthday party Saturday morning. It was a friend from her old school, and while I'm not sure how long she'll hold onto those friendships I'd like to help keep them alive as long as she would like. After all, in this world, there is no such think as too many friends.

After the party we packed up the car, loaded Brinker in the back and made the drive to Iowa. After a small detour to meet a very handsome little boy (more on that later) and what seemed like a very long time in the care, we finally made it to the campgrounds of the Iowa State Fair.

As far as traditions, this is one of our oldest. Rain or shine....or sweltering heat we make the drive. We fight through crowds to get a glimpse of the butter cow, visit the "Big Bull" and the "Big Boar" and take a browse through the Avenue of Breeds. We get corndogs from the stand by the old horse arena, and lemonades from the stand by the hog barn - because they have the best lemonade and are always twenty-five cents cheaper. We do a lap through the midway - but only one at night because that's when all the shady 'carnies' come out, and I laugh as we walk through the grandstand building where all the sales people pitch the years best-new-tools-that-make-your-life-so-much-better-and-oh-my-God-how-have-you-lived-without-this-for-so-long gadgets. Our kitchen drawer is the proud new owner of a new set of bag sealers courtesy of said sales people.

But it's more than the stuff. It's the smile that I see as Charlotte comes down the Big Slide, and the smirk I spy when Grace catches Oma's eye. It's the waking up early and enjoying our coffee outside under the awning as the sun sneaks in under the side. Still rising. Every year we leave feeling exhausted thinking we should have planned another day. Maybe next year we'll remember to. But then again that still won't be enough.

Good times. Great memories added to the vault.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beautiful Mind

There are so many times when I find myself pausing to admire her imagination. It's absolutely amazing the way that her mind works. There are no limits within story lines. Sharks live in closets, Dadas make the best prince, forts become bigger than life castles.

Yesterday while I was folding some laundry in the basement I looked over to see her sit down on the floor with Grace. Earlier in the morning Grace and I had been playing with some "first words" cards which were scattered on the floor. Charlotte picked one up, showed it to Grace and said "Dog" as she did the sign for dog. No prompting, she just wanted to play a part in helping her sister learn.

I know that parenting plays a very large roll in who our children grow up to be, but I also believe there are things that can't be taught. I didn't teach her to sit down with her sister. I didn't teach her to willingly pass along her knowledge to her sister. Some people will argue that we do teach these things as we set examples in how we act and conduct ourselves. And while that's true, that only applies to a certain degree. They are their own person. Right from birth.

I see her making choices and forming her own opinions. I see her eyes squint as she thinks of questions to ask. Smart questions that don't always have easy answers. She's growing much faster than I would like but I'm very proud of who she is becoming.

Keep amazing me. It's my favorite part of every day.