Thursday, November 27, 2014


Just another day out of the 364 others from this year that we are incredibly thankful for all that we have. We celebrated in Iowa with Oma, Grandma and Julie. Troy cooked an amazing turkey, and all the usual culprits were in attendance: yams, greenbean casserole, pumpkin pie, etc.

Healthy - check
Together - check
Happy - CHECK

From the table this year:

Mama: "Charlotte, what are you thankful for? "
Charlotte: "My Oma"

And then my heart melted.

As we were packing to leave, Charlotte and I found a small patch of ice out by the car. She insisted on "ice skating" so I bundled her up and sent her loose. She stayed out there until her nose was frozen and her cheeks were red. Troy looked out to check on her and saw her putting items into the car. The next time I went out I asked her what she was doing. "Packing snow to take home". Naturally.

Also over the weekend: tea parties, handbag headwear and loads of smiles.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yuck Yuck

We're big on cooking around here. Baking included. So when one of us gets a new idea, or finds a new recipe it's a pretty safe bet that you'll find us in the kitchen within the next few days trying it out. Troy found such a recipe. A British pastry called Yum Yums. Or as we like to tease Charlotte by calling them Yuck Yucks. She giggles every time.

It's a bit of a process, and not for the faint at heart. A lot of rolling, a lot of waiting. But oh Lord they deliver. A doughnut, but better. 

We topped ours with a simple glaze and threw added blueberries to a handful of them. I may be running low on blog posts this month, but I'm ok knowing that that time is spent elsewhere....

Monday, November 10, 2014


Tonight made me happy. Not because of anything I did, but because of what others did.

I had a rare night out in the city. Truth be told, it's the first since we moved 8 months. Nicole and I met to check out what was supposedly the most legit taco pizza this side of Iowa and let me tell you, it delivered. We had a great dinner complete with cocktails and good conversation.

I walked in the door feeling refreshed albeit tired from the lingering cold that has found permanent residence in our home. I found 2 girls in bed, and one waiting up for some good night cuddles. I happily indulged. As a laid down next to her I spied a peculiar looking jar sitting next to her bed and made a note to ask Troy about it. I later found out it was homemade vix of sorts that he had made after watching the 3 of us suffer for a past couple weeks. He had put a bit of it on their chest in hopes of helping them breath easier, rubbed some on the bottoms of their feet, and finally wrapped them in socks. I walked downstairs to find a husband on the couch playing something or other on his tablet, and an open spot next to him for me. I smiled.

There were dirty dishes in the sink - there usually are. There was laundry piled up - there always is. We live here. But at the end of this very good day these things don't matter. It a big picture kind of day (something I'm trying to have more of) and the little things don't bother me. Instead of focusing on what isn't perfect, I focus on what is. I sit down on the couch with a glass of wine and look at my husband. I take a few moments to really appreciate the fact that very little of what I do would be possible or made nearly as enjoyable without this man sitting next to me. He supports me in everything I do, and makes the 3 of us his first priority. Always.

I'm writing this with him sitting next to me. As I pause I look up at him. He can feel me looking at him and looks over and smiles. I'm lucky. I know this. I found the one that makes homemade vix rub. I found the one that makes me laugh. I found the other piece of myself.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kansas Abridged

Last week, between the visit from friends and Halloween chaos, what I didn't mention was a heavy-hearted trip back to Kansas.

Saturday afternoon we received the news that a close family friend, whom had battled with illness for the past year had passed away. It was a tough call to receive, but an easy decision to make the trip back. Lucky for us, logistics were in our favor. Oma lives along the way so we left abruptly Monday night, stopped for a few more hours of sleep, left Brinker at the farm (the real one, not "the farm"), and woke up early Tuesday to get back on the road.

Six hours later, with 2 very antsy little girls we checked into a the local motel, dropped off bags and left again.

We spent a few hours catching up with the family while the girls were entertained by the army of kids there. It was a good visit. These are amazing people. Welcoming people. This is the first group from Troy's past that I met outside of his immediate family. As I soon found out, this wasn't by chance....this is actually an extension of his family. I firmly believe these amazing individuals played a very big part in shaping my husband into the person he is. Because of this, I am forever grateful. Because of this I can feel his pain as we make the drive back to his original home.

It was a beautiful service. Pews were packed and overflow rooms were quickly filled. Tears were free flowing as were smiles. Every person there had stories they could have told. Sad stories, unforgettable stories, stubborn stories, and many, many, many mentoring stories. But the undertone of every one of these is kindness, passion, and love. That is who he was. That and many more things.

It is absolutely amazing to me how at a time like this, a family can be so selfless. We were there for them, yet they offered up their homes, fed us, and even took the time to think about nursery arrangements for our girls during the service.

Like I said these are amazing people.

Charlotte and I having a chat before bed

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The best part about fall are the piles of leaves.

Troy raked them up, and we postponed nap time to run, throw, jump and bury ourselves in various hues of the season. Nap times can wait. We're busy.