Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brunch and Bowling

We had a very special brunch date in the city this past weekend with two people we don't see often enough. A very fun morning complete with an amazing brunch at Kitsch'n, followed by bowling. The girls had a fantastic time, but even more, so did we!

Adult conversation talking about upcoming weekends, job updates, and vacation plans while 2 very content little girls colored and amused themselves at the bowling alley.

Have you asked a magic eight ball a question lately? They are just as amazing as you remember.

We asked it if we were going to bowl well...."all signs point to yes".

Great morning!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Frozen on Ice

We celebrated Charlotte's birthday recently, and for her gift the Mister and I got her and the two of us tickets to Disney's Frozen on Ice.

We went on a Friday morning while Grace was at school. Charlotte was dressed to impress. She chose her Aurora dress, Wonder Woman headband, 2 necklaces and of course glass slippers. The show was fantastic. Even a number of other Disney characters had cameos at the intro and exit of the show.

We did find ourselves turning down Charlotte's request for treats and cheaply made trinkets priced to gouge on more than one occasion. Ridiculous the amount of stuff that is available.

To make up for the lack of $15 snow cones we stopped for lunch on the way home and enjoyed a chocolate malt....which was promptly spilled all over the table, chairs, and Charlotte.

Even after 36 "no"s and a spilled milk shakes I will say it was a magical day. They definitely know how to do these shows and Charlotte loved the special day.

Happy Birthday (again)!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


This one, she's sneaky.
She waits until I've turned around the corner to climb up the stool. This particular time, her climb paid off - cookies were cooling up there.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Letter to Charlotte: 4 Years

This year I have watched you grow so much. You are an old soul through and through and I love that. You are the first to notice the mood in a room, or the change in someone's tone. Last week you noticed that one of your teachers was having a bad day you made a point to tell her that she was the favorite part of your day.  You adore your sister. Your patience with her amazes me, and the way you look at her with such pride when she does something for the first time - it makes my heart smile. She is so very lucky to have you in her life. Charlotte Jean you are a beautiful person. Absolutely beautiful. Every piece of your heart is kind.

You are curious. So very curious. You ask your questions in the form of statements, you dress yourself, you write your own name, and you use words like "perhaps". I know these things are small but also very big reminders that you are growing up.

Then I stop and think. I recall the way you still say "widdle sister"and the way which you tell me that you need to "plastic writing your letters".  I think about the way your hand automatically finds mine as we walk side by side and the feeling each day when we pick you up from school and as you quickly scan the faces of parents your eyes settle on us and we both smile. I remember those rare nights that you crawl into our bed seeking a safe zone away from the flying alligator in your dreams. I remember, that as much as you've grown you're still little. I cherish this time, because if the past 4 years has taught me one thing, it is that time passes so quickly.

I know I tell you often, but I am so very proud to be your mother and if it's possible even prouder of the person you are becoming.

We love you Charlotte Jean. To the stars, moon, everything, and back.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas in Iowa

After the holiday craziness was over at home we loaded up the car and made the trip back to Iowa for another round of holiday cheer. The drive was longer than normal with an added stop for a quick dinner and icy roads for the last bit of highway. A screaming one year old doesn't help the situation any. I remember Charlotte being the same at that age. Terrible time for travel being too young to be amused by anything and too old to sleep more than a 2 hour stint.

But, we made it. Safe, sound, and as always with a carload of crap. I've given up the dream that one day we'll learn the practice of packing light.

We did Christmas at Oma's Thursday morning. We stayed in jammies all day and soaked in the day. I can't express how much I love the farm. I grow a bit fonder with each trip. It brings a sense of calm over all of us. The girls are more content, there's more one on one time for all of us, and of course, there's Oma.

Friday we did round 3 at Grandmas with a few gifts, a fantastic dinner, and pie. There's always pie at Grandma's house.

And so with that we come to the end of our Christmas celebrations. The Christmas tree is packed away, Mary, Joseph and the gang are safely tucked away in the manger and we're that much closer to next Christmas...let the countdown begin!