Saturday, May 30, 2015

Milestone: Bicycle

And so it seems that while they are farther between, the milestones are just as moving.
A few weeks ago Charlotte really got the hang of her balance bike. 
It had been sitting in the garage for quite sometime collecting some dust. She would try it occasionally, but would then revert back to the toddler tricycle. But instead of pushing her, we just continued suggesting the balance bike.

Her and Troy were out for a walk the other day and went past a neighbor's house. Charlotte goes to school with the little boy who lives there and after watching him zip around on his balance bike she was determined to give it a chance.

1 week later she was flying around on the balance bike.

2 weeks later we decided to take it one step farther. After gymnastics yesterday we made a detour to pick out a new bike.

It was of course pouring rain, windy and cold. We tried to postpone the first go, but it turns out that making a 4 year old wait to ride her brand new bike is pretty much the most terrible thing a parent can do.

Rain coats, helmets, new bike and a video camera later we were outside.

I could have bottled the excitement radiating off of her as she buckled her helmet and threw her leg over the seat.

I clasped my hand around the seat of her bike and as my walk turned into a gentle jog I let my hand drift away from her. She flew. And just as gracefully came to a stop just a bit away.

She looked up with the biggest smile and as I began to ask if she was ready to go again she said "YES!" before I was able to get it out.

Again I clasped the seat, again I held on. But this time, 5 seconds in, she said "Mom, you can let go now". In the video you can see me jumping up and down screaming in excitement and flailing my arms like a fool. What you can't see are the tears.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Camping With Kids - Take One

On a whim during one of our many Costco excursions we ventured down the seasonal aisle. Without thinking I took one look at the tents displayed above and placed one in our cart. Of course we needed a tent.

Of course we had not plans to use one, and in fact the first time we got it out was as a gift to me on Mother's Day. Troy and the girls had set it up in the basement for a camp out at home. It was the perfect gift and only made me more excited to actually get a trip on the calendar.

So, when my best friend called up and suggested we join them on a weekend camping trip I said yes before she could even ask.

We were originally supposed to go for 2 nights, but the weather cut it short. The first day and night were absolutely perfect. Someone much more prepared than myself brought tons of crafts and games for the kids. We had a ton of food. Way too much for us to actually eat. And at the end of a fantastic day we sat under the stars watching a movie as our littles fell asleep in our laps.

We woke up Sunday to rain that had not intention of letting up. We tried to wait it out, but without luck. So with our last pair of dry clothes on we decided to call it a win while it still was and pack ourselves up. Charlotte had a small melt down when we had to leave early...turns out they are huge fans of camping.

I see this happening again in our least a few more times before the end of the summer.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


What a weekend!

I had the honor of celebrating one of my very best friends this weekend ahead of her upcoming nuptials.

I met some really great friends that I felt like I'd known for years by the end of the weekend and reconnected with some that I hadn't seen for years.

The food was wonderful, drinks were plenty and the company was perfect.

Thank you ladies for an amazing weekend. My cheeks still hurt from all the laughter!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's day was extra special this year because I got to celebrate not only with my girls and wonderful husband, but also with my own mom. 

We didn't do much of anything and I couldn't have been happier. We spent loads of time outside and made a serious dent in our pile of compost. 

The girls (and Mister) made us breakfast and spoiled us all day. They put together some mason jar herb gardens for both of us and Charlotte was in charge of writing the labels on each of them. Super cute and perfect gifts for Mom and myself! Troy got me hedge trimmers - maybe not so romantic but something that I been meaning to get.

Charlotte made me a necklace complete in it's own homemade paper box which she had colored. She even managed to keep it a secret. Grace made me a framed handprint. I love these two girls! 

So thankful that we all got to spend the day together. Happy Mother's Day to Mom and me!

Each visit Charlotte is allowed to pick one night to sleep in Oma's bed. This particular morning I snuck in and found this. My heart. 

Monday, May 4, 2015


Sometimes bravery comes in the most unexpected packages.

Charlotte has been intrigued by worms but hesitant to hold them. She would "pet" them with gloves, but there was no way was she touching them. 

We had a pile of compost delivered this morning and spent most of the day laying it out around the yard. Turns out our yard is fully stocked with worms.  After the 26th trip to ask the Mr. to put a worm in her bucket she finally went for it. 

So very proud of her. Dirty hands full of worms on this warm spring day. Good stuff.