Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moon Watching

No pictures, but man what a sight.

We took advantage of beautiful unobstructed farm skies to view the blood moon, not to reappear for another 18 years.

We sprawled blankets out on the front lawn of Oma's house, and just watched. Slowly the white of the moon faded away to be replaced by an orange-red color. The girls fell asleep. Grace in Oma's arms. Charlotte curled up between Troy and I on the blankets.

See you again in another 18 years.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Boat-iful Weekend

While back in Iowa celebrating September birthdays the Mister and I snuck away for an evening without kids. They stayed with Oma, had movie night and I'm sure popcorn - they were upset to see us leave I'm sure....

Meanwhile, we met up with a couple girlfriends of mine from high school and their husbands for a fun night away. One of the couples has a passion for sailing and invited us for an overnight sailing trip. No kids, beautiful weather, and we couldn't have asked for better company. We had a wonderful time. 

The next morning we stopped off to a small little brunch place and great coffee before heading home to all the kids. Refreshed and with a little extra spring in our step we went home to our little families. 

Maybe again next year....if they'll have us back. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Mister Haigh!

We picked up some cupcakes and celebrated at home. A serenade of "Happy Birthday"and a trio of cupcake flavors made for a perfect quaint celebration.

This guy. He's pretty incredible. He asks for very little. He deserves everything, and more.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Birthday Girl - Letter to Grace

My Dear Sweet Grace, 

You are in one word: strong. It's sometimes hard to believe that you are just now turning two. At times I have to step back and marvel at what a big personality resides in such a small body. You are fiery and stubborn and full of laughter. You are the complete opposite, yet so similar to your sister in so many ways. You constantly remind us of your uniqueness and I'm grateful for the ability to see the two of you in wonderfully different ways. 

This letter has had me stumped for quite some time. Each time I've sat down in hopes of putting into words what I want to say to you I'm flooded with an overwhelming realization that you are no longer a baby. I struggle with where the last two years have gone and how you could have grown this much this quickly. But then, as you are sitting next to me, you look up at me and grin. I see that the the folds around your ankles have all but disappeared. The curls in your hair are hanging on at the ends with all they have, struggling to be seen. As I turn back to type you get to your feet and put your arm around my neck. Unprompted, you lean over and give me a kiss on the cheek. And then you lick me. Sweet, ornery, unpredictable and most definitely not a baby. 

At the age of two you are already an extraordinary person and I am so incredibly excited to see the woman you become. Be yourself, continue to be be your own person. Keep that part of you that is strong willed so very close. Guard it. As hard as it is to contend with as a parent it will be the one single thing that helps you to stand up for yourself and keep ahold of who you are as you grow older. It will help you to be brave. Not bravery in the traditional sense, but bravery in the everyday sense. The way that allows you to stand up for those in tough positions. The strength to make the right decision and not necessarily the easy decision. Be brave enough to be you. Trust me, you're fantastically good at playing this role.  

Happy Birthday Love. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I need better post titles. Something more clever. Something less literal. Something that leaves something to the imagination. "Texas". I wonder what this post will be about?

Iowa! Kidding.

TSA has a rule. A good rule, but one that parents come to learn fairly early on. Children can sit in their parents laps (and avoid buying a separate ticket) until the age of 2. With one look at the calendar to see that Grace's 2 year birthday was weeks away and one quick text to our Texas family we had a trip planned.

We crammed in as much love, fun and memories as we could manage. Swimming pools, bike rides, baking, cocktails, tea parties, and the list goes on.

The pool adventure was our best of the year. Our friends have a local neighborhood pool with water slide and diving board. But because 85 degrees is too cold for Texans to visit an outdoor pool we had the entire place to ourselves. This meant that any applicable age or height limits for the slide and board were off the table - Charlotte was thrilled. The Mister and myself even took advantage.

We even managed to find time to have an early birthday celebration for the most ornery soon to be 2 year old we know.

I say it every time. And as the kids get older it rings more true: I wish we lived closer to one another. Maybe someday.

Until then, we have long weekend adventures...and skpe.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Gone Camping

We fit in another camping trip over the long labor day weekend with a family from the girls' school. They are such a fun family to be around and with three kids of their own it sometimes seems impossible to find a date that we can all get together. I'm fairly certain we put this weekend on the calendar back in May.

What we didn't plan for back in May was the hottest weekend of the year. I feel like we should get a scout badge for having survived. Lucky for us the boys were in charge of buying firewood and for some reason decided they needed to fill up the entire luggage cart with wood. It took us 15 minutes to unload...but if we got cold we were covered. Needless to say the campers who inhabited our spot next  were all set.

Good company, cold beer, one very sleepy little baby boy, and lots of giggly girls saved the weekend.

Back home now and the tent and sleeping bags are packed away again until next year. They got some solid use this year...but we'll top it next.