Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hotel Life

Staying in a hotel always proves to be an adventure. Amidst this long week of driving, arrangements and good-byes this bit of adventure proved to be a welcome break.

The rest of our family is more organized that we are and they set us up with 2 adjoining rooms which meant that we had a room connected with Oma. For her benefit she could close us out at any time!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Egg Hunt

With everything going on this weekend the Easter Bunny decided to delay his (her?) visit one day. After a whirlwind day on the road, ending with Easter dinner at Grandma's house we woke up to a house full of Easter eggs hidden everywhere.

The girls gathered up any baskets they could find and went to work collecting all of them. For a few minutes all that could be heard were cries of "over here", "oh I found another one", "up there", "in my shoes".

Once all the eggs had been gathered up the girls found a spot to crack them all open and divy up the goods while the mister and I got some breakfast ready. Here's to a fresh new start to the week!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Grandma Betty

Growing up I considered myself fortunate. Being the child of both divorced parents and divorced grandparents I was the beneficiary of more grandparents than the normal child.

Add on top of this a grandparent that is technically a great aunt, and you can imagine the bragging rights I held among my friends. Great Ant Betty I always knew as Grandma Betty. I didn't question this as a young child but as a I grew older I understood the 'why" a bit more. My own grandma and Betty were sisters. They were 2 of 4 girls in an eight sibling family. After Betty had married, and after a number of heartbreaking losses they came to the realization that she and her husband would not be able to have children of their own. 

The story goes that when my own mom was born my Grandmother turned to Betty and said "she's half yours". And while they did go on to have a son of their own, I trully believe that my Grandma Betty took this notion to heart thought of my mother as her own. Charlotte and I are both lucky enough to share her middle name as a tribute to her place in our family.

At some point, Betty and Bill sold their house to my parents. The small familiar house pictured below is the home I grew up in. I can still picture the layout and see the awful carpet choices. I can remember running through the front yard in the sprinkler and growing gardens in the back yard.
On the trip back to the funeral we drove past to see the old neighborhood. Not much had changed save a mailbox at the road now, rather than on the house. Home - it truly is where those you love live.

We said goodbye this weekend to one of the most kind people I've had the pleasure to know. She was funny, beautiful, ornery and always put family before all else.

This generation is a special one. Betty Jean you'll be missed. We love you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Someone once told me that strong will is a gift. And while I don't doubt this to be the case, strong will is a difficult thing to manage as a parent.
God grant us the strength....

If we can make it through I know it will serve her well in life.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Saint Patrick's Day

We've been keeping busy here.
March always feels like the time when we finally start venturing out of the house. It's not warm by any means, and more years than not there is still snow on the ground, but by this time we just need out!

Our local parade was a bit earlier than normal this year, and lucky for us was within walking distance.

Being the ill prepared parents we are we neglected to bring candy collection bags. Luckily for use we had stocking hats with side stings which we tied to act as a basket. It's called MacGyver parenting.