Monday, March 27, 2017

Farm Life

Each time we go back to Iowa we almost always find ourselves in the middle of a new farm adventure. Maybe treasure hunts through the corncrib, or old toys stowed away in storage making a cameo appearance for a new generation. And always lots of outside time.

On this day the girls (Oma, myself, C and G) took a morning walk in pajamas. Coffee in hand, Oma in her slippers. The girls led the way.

They found their way to one of the fields adjacent to the farm. No longer farmed by our family, but still heavily used. It's spring though, too early to risk planting with last frost still a possibility. So at the moment the field is a graveyard of corn cobs and shin high stalks left from the fall harvest. And mud. Lots and lots of mud which does't mix well with slippers.

They had a blast climbing the hill and climbing around in the mud. They found a few old cobs and laughed when the wind got too carried away and their hair blew straight out from their heads.

Always an adventure to be had on the farm.

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