Friday, April 28, 2017

First Lost Tooth for C

Another big milestone for C now in the books today. She has been looking forward to loosing a tooth for months now and not a single tooth was giving way to a wiggle. Eventually though those two bottom permanent teeth had had enough and started coming up which gave the slightest bit of wiggle to the baby teeth. About a week of wiggling had gone by the time that C came home, stood in front of the mirror, grabbed a piece of yarn and just pulled it out. No tears, no screams, just a whole lot of excitement and giggling.

The tooth fair didn't disappoint. When Charlotte woke up the next morning the fairy had left a very kind note and extra special gift for the first lost tooth: a fidget spinner. We found out about the gift a few seconds later when she came running into our room screaming with excitement. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Eggs

That Easter Bunny is one clever bunny. Turns out that he or she knew that we were in Iowa for the weekend and made a visit by the farm to drop off eggs. There were eggs all over when we woke up Sunday morning, hula hoops in the trees and Easter baskets on the table.

The girls had a riot running around picking them all up. By the end their baskets were overflowing to the point that they could hardly pick them up. Watching them run around like this embracing an ages old tradition is always remarkable to me. How many parents have experienced this feeling but yet it feels so special every single time. Every year. Something about this ingrained excitement that we have that lays dormant for a number of years and then comes alive again with kids. Such an awesome thing to experience.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday

We did Easter dinner at Grandma and Julie's house this year. Grandma insisted we not do a big production for dinner suggesting just sandwiches and relish tray along side a pie of course. We happily obliged and showed up without need of the oven.

After dinner Grandma had hid Easter eggs all over her house and got a few good chuckles out of watching them run around like crazed kids. The eggs each had a bit of loose change in them which was a welcome deviation from the sugar laden eggs that the Bunny usually hides. We found out later that the girls actually missed 2 eggs so they'll have to be a bit more on their game next year.

Grandma's favorite part, the Peeps. No kidding, turns out they aren't just for kids.

It was a wonderful, laid back, and sugar filled Easter. The girls are already scheming for next years hunt.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Iowa Weekend

Back in Iowa this weekend to celebrate Easter with Oma and Grandma. Until the holiday we're just relaxing and enjoying family time. That of course includes the farm cats and plenty of time on the porch. C is an expert in this area.