Friday, June 30, 2017

July 4th Celebration Part I

We headed north for a 4th of July celebration like no other. For starters, we crashed a family reunion for the other side of the family. Yes, we were those people. No shame.
In all honestly we were invited and I know it was sincere, but those with a bit more etiquette than us would have politely declined. Not us though. And we showed up with a plus 1 (Oma)!

We made our way up Friday afternoon and came home Monday morning. In between was more than I can capture here. But the highlight reel: a car show, lunch at the diner, dunk tanks, butterfly sanctuary, water slide, home-brewed beer, picnics in beautiful gardens, sunset walks, fireworks and more smiles, hugs, memories and love than one could hope for in one weekend.

These are our people....atleast half of them. The other half were stuck with us for the weekend, but we'd gladly have them into our messy, crazy, chaotically beautiful life.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

In the Kitchen

As we slowly work rooms on the perimeter we find ourselves constantly in design mode for the mother of all projects....the kitchen.
The bones are there. Meaning 4 walls. But really it's a pretty blank slate. 
We have the layout narrowed down, and a gazillion pinned photos on our boards, but the final details are in a constant state of flux. 
Mornings like this make me realize that it's completely ok for us to take our time on this one. It is, by a landslide, the room we have spent, do spend, and will spend the most time in. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Strawberry Jam

Last year's batch didn't turn out very well, still not entirely sure why.
But I have a good feeling about the 2017 batch - it's all dependent on good help.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

First Camping Trip of 2017

Months before school had let out I had pinned down the last day and promptly booked a campsite at a near by state park the weekend following. I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year and kick off summer. Like usual, there was small print included that I had missed, and the "last day" was actually only the last day "inclusive of 5 snow days" that were never used.

Sooo happy week after school is out and summer begins to us! Doesn't have quite the same ring, but I assure you it had the same effect. 

It was HOT. The campsite we were at had beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls, but no swimming hole or pool. Our strategy was hike early in the mornings, nap in the afternoon, and then emerge again at night around dinnertime. 

Plans rarely work out as intended.

Saturday morning we took a 5 mile hike with the girls who loved it. The tails were shaded and kept us cool and we stopped along the way to see waterfalls, canyons, and bugs. Always bugs.  We even found a water snake but stayed out distance. 

We went back to relax at the campsite but after an hour of uncomfortable heat in the tent we were back in the car in search of a nearby pool. We found one less Than 20 minutes away, spent the hottest part of the day there, then turned around and came back to the campground for dinner. 

Sunday morning provided for another adventure as we woke up without food. Turns out that the raccoons needed it more than we did. They had opened our cooler and proceeded to eat everything within. Rather than be upset, we laughed, picked up all the trash, and decided it would make a good adventure to find breakfast elsewhere. Off we went. 

Turned out to be a great weekend and we made it home with time to unpack and relax before the start of a new summer week. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Renovation House

In a house under renovation I can assure you there is always a ladder set up and waiting to be used. While we do have rules about not climbing the ladders without an adult someone chose to "forget".
Tucker, the cat, was surely to blame...

Saturday, June 3, 2017

End of School Year Celebration

We planned a special night away with C to celebrate the end of the school year. Oma made plans to come in and stay the night with little sister while the 3 of us packed up for the night.

We're sort of geeks about astrology. The moon, stars, planets, you name it. So when I found out that the Chicago planetarium offered an overnight visit I immediately signed us up.

We packed sleeping bags, pillows, and an overnight backpack and headed out. We stuck with our group about half of the time, and did our own thing the other half. Even managed to get a family photo which you can sort of see below. We had scavenger hunts, movies, snacks and free reign of the whole place. It ended up being a fairly late night with the last activity wrapping up around 11pm.

Our favorite part was the movie shown in the dome. It was 3D and felt like we were flying through space visiting each of the planets. Second favorite was bedtime, and not only because it was nearly midnight by the time we set up "camp" and laid down. Our spot was under the main dome and was fantastic. The stars were turned on at bedtime so that we slept under the entire galaxy. Amazing.