Friday, September 29, 2017


This year we've seen so many heartbreaking stories of hurricane damage throughout the US and abroad.
A few of the neighborhood kids wanted to do something to help so a very long string of texts amongt the moms and a weekend game plan was hatched. 

There were treats and drinks, and everything was by donation. The outcome was pretty amazing, and when all was said and done they had raised over $700 for hurricane victims. 

The principal even took time on the morning announcements to give a shout-out to the kids. 

Pretty great things happening over in our neighborhood. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to the-best-husband/dad/friend-in-the-world
Happy Birthday to You

I took the girls to the dollar store and gave them free reign to explore and choose the perfect gift for the Mister for his birthday. 
They took their time deliberating and eventually they found: 

- a small toy guitar with strings that don't move, and a plastic body
- a coffee cup that reads "Sawdust is just man glitter" - hands down the "perfect" gift

Celebration was low key and wonderful. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Farm Facelift

Picture your home where you grew up. What it looks like as you pull up to celebrate the Christmas holidays.
Now remove one of the main objects form the landscape. Maybe the garage. Or the front porch. Perhaps the tree in the front yard.

For me, it's this barn. It's beautiful. It's old, and imperfect and full of history, most of which I've not been around or even alive to witness. But I do recall afternoons in the hayloft, chores in the pens, photographs of baby's in the grass to the side, and a giant movie projected on the side. Warm memories that smell like sunshine and fresh mowed grass.

But after years of use and not much upkeep she's past repair and unsafe. What's more is that a building like this standing on the property means more taxes each year as well.

So. We say good-bye. The next time we're home she'll be gone.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Building A Deck

While we were back celebrating birthdays the Mister did some more work on Oma's back deck which needed replaced. We tore it off when we were back earlier in the summer, and she'd been using the old concrete stairs underneath for the last few months. They're less than great so it was time to finish before winter snow and ice start making an appearance.

We started early, Oma and I put on our work clothes and got most of the work done that day.
She's missing a handrail, but it'll help with her independence....or so we've told her. That'll have to wait until the Spring.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Birthday Celebrations Continued

September is a popular month for birthdays around here. Even more fun than 4 birthdays in the same month, is that that 3 out of 4 end in "4". This will also be fun next year when the magic number is  5, and the year after and so on.
This year, we celebrated a 4 year old, 44 year old, a 53 year old and a 94 year old.

We went back to Iowa to celebrate with Grandma and Julie. Grandma made a cake because grandmas make the best cakes, and Grace requested sprinkles which Grandma of course delivered.

Really love that we can celebrate with everyone!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Letter to Grace: Happy Fourth Birthday

Dear Grace,

Oh sweet girl, a very happy fourth birthday to you.

For four years we have been blessed to know you, to explore with you, to laugh with you. You are messy in the best kind of way. With crazy hair that never stays in place, and a sly grin that leaves much to the imagination. You swallow up all the attention in the room yet you have no idea. You are funny, and imaginative, and sure of yourself and good Lord we love you for all of these reasons and more.

Before you were born I remember thinking that having a second child would somehow be "easier". I could relax a bit more knowing that there were simply some things that were outside of our control. We could use what we had learned from your sister and we'd have all the answers.

We were wrong but in the most beautiful way. You are a constant ball of energy, easily frazzled, but determined to succeed. You adore your sister, and she returns the feeling. You never stop talking. You'll talk to anyone who listens and you'll talk about anything at all. Your memory serves you well and you can generally recall at minimum one common denominator to any given conversation. A skill I hope hold on to. Lord knows your mom lacks it.

So here's to the one that doesn't care. The one who somehow always wants to go first, yet wants to take her time getting there. The one with a sly smile and a kind heart. To our baby cheetah.

We love you. Happy birthday to you.

Dad and Mom