Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The girls decided pretty early on what they wanted to be this year for Halloween. I kept waiting for their minds to changed, but they didn't even budge. After watching the first two Harry Potter movies, they were absolutely convinced that they must be wizards. They both wanted to be Hermoine Granger, but so C spoke up first. They didn't want to be the same person, so Grace decided to be Jenny Weasley. No fighting, no sadness, she just picked another character.
One trip to the Party City and out we came with 2 Hogwarts robes, 2 magic wands, and 2 Hogwarts scarves. Or if you ask them, two completely different costumes.

The days leading up to Halloween we made some quick sewing adjustments, gathered up brooms, and waited not so patiently.

Trick or Treating starts early where we live - while it's still light enough to see, so we headed ahead of dinner. C was adamant that she wanted to collect candy in a pillow case this year. A decision, which I think she somewhat regretted when it got a bit heavier and there was no handle to hold onto.

The weather was chilly, we lasted about an hour before the girls were ready to head home. Our little wizards had a pretty awesome night. Lots of candy, lots of people feeding into the costume believing. Most of all a whole lot of smiles!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween Pre-Game

Costumes are ready. Now the pumpkins need carved.
We opted out of big pumpkins this year in favor of small pumpkins that each of the girls picked out. They drew out what they wanted their designs to be and Troy and I executed. 
It was a fun challenge and the girls loved the finished designs. We loved the ease of clean up and the lack of squirrels swarming around to eat them. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fall Festivities

We met with a couple other fun families to ring in the fall at a local pumpkin patch. We've been to other pumpkin farms in the area and I always leave feeling a bit irritated that not only do we have to pay to get in, but then we have to pay if we want our kids to get in on any of the other activities (petting barns, rides, etc.). It's a bit of a racket.

So I was skeptical to say the least. But good friends made the suggestion, and after a rainy start to the morning, and a stop at Starbucks along the way we arrived with an open mind.
We paid our entrance fee and I prepared myself for the next 2 hours of telling the girls "no" as they asked go go on a slew of non-included things.

But...only a couple of minutes in and I was shocked. Every. Single. Thing. was included.
And, because it was a bit rainy/misty that morning, there were no lines and very few people there. It was pretty great and my have spoiled me for future trips.

Highlight of the trip: the corn pit. Similar to a ball pit, but filled with corn. Charlotte decided that rolling around in it wasn't enough and needed to create a bit of a high dive....

Fun day and a great start to the halloween holiday coming up!