Monday, April 23, 2018

April 23: AKA - The Day Tucker Returned

That's right. The Day Tucker Returned. 
And in order to return you need to have left in the first place...or escaped. 
He got out through an open window that didn't have a screen. We noticed at bedtime the same night, just a couple hours after he had gotten out. We bundled up, winter boots, coats and the lot and set out searching for a couple hours that night. Shaking treat bottles. Calling his name. Nothing worked. So early into the next morning we set out his litter box, and crossed our fingers. 

Six weeks later we hadn't given up hope, but after 3 severe snow storms and brutal temperatures I was certainly not as optimistic as I started out. 

Long story short, social media helped us out. A neighbor helped post on some village sites, someone happened to see a cat meeting Tucker's description and scrolled back through 6 weeks of posts to find this one and reply. We went searching around the area the woman had reported the cat siting and voila, there he was hours later sitting on the sidewalk outside the exact address. 

I called his name and he came sprinting over. And home we went. What an adventure he must have had. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018


We busted out Monopoly while we were at Oma's over Easter weekend at the request of the girls. Mama pretty much dominated the game which is why we now find ourselves with a half played Monopoly game on our own kitchen table.

Turns out C is somewhat conservative when it comes to spending money. Hopefully the same holds true in real life.