Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Because We Can

Silliness is part of what we do. You can't take yourself too seriously.

Evening walks turned into meditation in trees, impromptu superhero squad pose, and bench turned trundle bed for stuffed animal friends. 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Blueberry Picking

Up early to get a head start on blueberry picking. We had a short drive to the farm which made just enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee and some snacks on the way there.

This place never changes. The same woman greets us outside her small cute red shed each year. A small table set up with a few things for sale, including the maple syrup they harvest form the trees on the farm each year. We park, pick up some buckets, and get directions on what patch of berries we're headed to. Back in the car, down the hill and we follow the curves around over rough path ways that hardly pass as driveways. Overgrown with grass, trees arching over the top, while blueberry bushes taller than most adults whip past on our right. 

We park and unload each taking a bucket with us. Nearly 3 hours later, once all of our buckets are full we pack back up and drive the same path back up to the small shed and weigh our berries. 48 pounds this year. It may be a bit shy of what we need for the year, but with some still in the freezer from last year it should be enough to get by. 

We're hot, and dirty. The girls have stained fingers and their lips have a purple hue after "sampling" along the way. A stop at Cranes pie shop on the way back to the campsite and then the afternoon will be spent at the pool before we start the fire, enjoy some dinner and end with s'mores. 

Under the stars, with a slight chill in the air, full bellies and tired legs. We'll sleep well tonight. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Blueberry Weekend Camping

The logistics of blueberry weekend are always a bit of a last minute decision. Leading up to blueberry season we have to keep an eye on the weather, colder springs and summers mean the blueberries will be better the later we go. We've made the mistake of going too early in the season, and while the berries are still good, they are much harder to pick, and not quite as sweet.

Once we nail down the weekend, we have to decide where to stay. Hotel, day trip, or camping. We've done them all, and each one affords it's own benefits. This year, the weather was in our favor, and we found a campsite with openings nearby so we went the camping route. The girls think camping is the greatest kind of adventure and given we agree we have no room to argue.

The place we found is about as far from our typical campsite as I can imagine. It had everything from organized Bingo and water gun fights to it's own ice-cream shop and cafe. It was an entire camping town. So not somewhere that we're going to find a lot of back-to-nature feels, but it was perfect for our weekend with plenty to do and more than one stop to the cafe to supplement our evening meal with french fries and ice cream!

We got in Friday afternoon just in time to get the tent set up and get a fire started for dinner. Saturday morning was an early rise so that we could beat some of the heat and get our blueberry picking wrapped early with plenty of time left in the day for other adventures.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekend At Home

With all of our travel in June, we're still recouping and it feels good to be home for the weekend. 
We've made some real progress on the pantry this month, and we're down to final touches now. The girls did some bike riding. Charlotte graduated to a bigger bike, and Grace is still trying to get the hang of pedals....not quite there yet, but she's trying!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Growing Pains

She's almost 5, but I forget how little that really is and lately she's had a not-so-subtle way of reminding us.

Twice in the last couple of weeks we've had full out tantrums. The kind where we just sort of give up half way through and wait it out. The kind where we just hope that as we carry her kicking and screaming along with us that a stranger doesn't assume we are abducting her.

So we roll with it. We have long conversations, much longer than a nearly-5-year-old would be expected to endure, about better ways to vent frustrations, better ways to communicate, frankly better ways to be angry. Maybe it will be the fear of sitting through another one of these talks that will ultimately steer her in another direction!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Florida: Another One Joins the 40 Club

The Mister and I took a short weekend trip to Florida to celebrate a close friend's birthday.
The girls spent the weekend on the farm with Oma and we gave strict instructions for no fun to be had. I'm sure they listened...

The beaches where we stayed in Destin were beautiful. White soft sands that squeaked a bit as you walked on it. The water was a beautiful blue green that you could easily see through and it was warm enough that you could walk right in without pausing to acclimate.

Best of all though, wasn't the scenery, or the time away, it was the company.

Nearly 20 years now we've known one another. These are our people. And spending a weekend away to celebrate another of them joining the 40 club is soul satisfying in a non-quantifiable kind of way.

Happy Birthday Stu - we love you!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! We celebrated at home with a group of neighbors, a potluck style dinner, and fireworks. Perfect weather and too many sparklers made for a wonderful day turned into evening.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Welcome to July

It's hot here. Unbearably hot where you're legs visibly sweat and it's hard to breathe.
The temperature outside at the moment is 96 degrees, but the weather app on my phone tells me that it "feels like" 109 degrees. So we're chillin' inside for most of it. A forced relaxing weekend after traveling the past two weekends.

The girls enjoyed the down time watching TV and playing legos while the Mr. and I tackled some small indoor cabinetry work for the pantry. We also snuck in a food challenge between C and myself. Guest judges Dada and G. (C's side of the kitchen kind of blew up. Clean up was a family affair).

We also made sure to get in some pool time after the sun went down. Evening swimming, when the crowds go home, the water is warm, and the sun is no longer beating down on us is our favorite time.

Good weekend to regroup and relax.