Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

Another Halloween in the books. I can't remember a Halloween with more beautiful weather than we had this year! Sunny, and just a slight chill in the air made for perfect conditions to meander up and down streets keeping pace with the girls as they ran from house to house.

They both chose their costumes early this year and stuck with it. I had my doubts but they proved us wrong. Like last year, they are the same thing by choice: Violet from the Incredibles.

Our trick or treating hours start early here so we took advantage of the day light while we had it. We met up with some neighbors so tagged along as a group occasionally stopping for a photo or stopping to examine and show off how full the buckets were.  It didn't take long for the girls to fill their buckets to the brim, with candy spilling over. So we headed home. on the way made a detour to a neighbors where the girls enjoyed pizza while sorting, trading and counting candy.

Lots of candy, lots of energy, and a whole lot of memories. The superhero kind.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Anniversary Celebration

The Mister and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary (18 years in all!) by spending a night in the city just the two of us. Oma was willing to hold the fort down and get the girls to school the following day so we took a night for ourselves midweek.

We'd been wanting to see Hamilton for quite some time, and this made the perfect occasion. After a quick dinner, we stopped off for a pre show cocktail across the street form the theater while we waited. And then off to the the show we went.

All the hype? Well deserved. Absolutely brilliant.

A leisurely morning at the hotel then out to breakfast and eventually we made our way back home.

Thank you Oma for making our night away possible!

Monday, October 8, 2018

North Carolina Part 2

The best thing about lifelong friends is the ability to build memories, and spend time connecting while doing absolutely nothing.

We spent the course of the few days we were there chumming around their area making impromptu decisions on what to do. No plans equals no obligations and no schedules which is exactly the kind of low key getaway we needed.

One day we tagged along to one of the kids' soccer games and then stopped by a fall fest event that was going on at their clubhouse. The kids played games, ate cotton candy and ran around enjoying themselves. It was unseasonably hot while we were there so we spent more time inside than out.

In the evenings, and mornings, we wandered around the neighborhood checking out all of new houses under construction. Because when you spend your free time remodeling your house DIY style walking through construction projects is fun. The kids came along, racing up unfinished stairs and squeezing through walls constructed only of 2x4s while we envisioned the various rooms, what they would be and how the layout would look. The Mister and I also went around with Erika for an afternoon checking out all of the model homes and dreaming of what our own finished project would look like while taking inspiration from them. We're nerds.

We also enjoyed the village downtown area where I secretly wished we had something similar. It was filled with cute little antique stores, ice cream shops, natural food eateries, and breweries. Connected by a wooden pedestrian bride that that went above the train tracks and even included a pedestrian walk across the street following where a you would take a small flag out of a holder and carry it across the street with you to alert oncoming traffic. The girls thought this was pretty cool.

We had such a great time. I love this family so much, and although this trip was very short, I'm thankful we could go, and am already looking forward to our next reunion.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

North Carolina Part 1

When your oldest dearest best friend welcomes a beautiful new boy to the family you find a way to visit and enjoy some time soaking up what Skype, photos and phone calls can only partly provide. Even if it means an extremely long road trip.
14 hours each way to be exact. 

We set off on Thursday night, drove until around midnight stopping in Knoxville TN. A late night in the car meant for a lazy morning of breakfast and showers at the hotel before starting in on the last 4 hours of driving. 

We knew that we had been going through mountains the night before, but in the dark we couldn't see how beautiful they were. The morning sun offered up a whole new view of amazing tree lined mountains that seemed to go on forever. Absolutely incredible, and just like that another destination added to our list of places to visit in the future.

We finally made it to our destination in the early afternoon.

After a lot of hugs, and a new introduction we settled in and made ourselves at home. I'll save all the gushing about how incredibly perfect this new baby boy is. I'm beyond thrilled to welcome him to the family. What a lucky little boy he is.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


This guy. He is the most incredible human I have ever met. And by some twist of fate, some stroke of luck that I'll never be able to fully show my gratitude for, I found him. He found me. We found each other.

This post sat in the queue unposted for months while I struggled to find the right words to describe this man, the relationship, and what it means to me. Ultimately I've come to the realization that my words are inadequate.

In short, Mr. Haigh, looking back over the past 18 years there is not a single moment since I met you that I have regretted. Over the years we have sculpted a life for ourselves. We have held hands and cried on shoulders, we have celebrated miracles, and supported one another. You are the definition of unconditional love and support and in the difficult moments you put up with me with such ease and gracefulness that I often find I hold myself now to a higher standard. In no uncertain terms you are everything that is good about me.

If I could do it all over again. If I had a choice, I'd choose you. Every time.
I love you, Mr. Haigh