Sunday, November 18, 2018

WNDR Museum

Living in Chicagoland certainly has its benefits. One of them is the incredible number of museums to visit any given day. Honestly I'm a bit embarrassed that we don't take more advantage of it, but life gets busy, and we're not the best at planning in advance.

This time though, we did. I bought us tickets to a popup museum that was in Chicago for a short time. 
We took the train downtown early Saturday morning so we weren't rushing to meet our reservation time. Trying to get the four of us anywhere on time is truly a monumental task some days. 

We made enough time to to stop for brunch along the way. Enjoying chocolate chip pancakes is always a good way to start an adventure. Belly's full and away we went. 

This place was really cool. With loads of interactive exhibits to enjoy. We ran around for a couple hours exploring before we decided we had seen it all. Fun!